Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan


48 Hours Strike Notice

This afternoon, as required by law, the Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan provided health care employers and the Wall government with 48 hours strike notice.

This means that job action involving our specialized health care professionals could begin as early as Sunday across the province.

If you have not been designated essential by your employer, please be aware that we may be phoning or e-mailing you at some point in the next few days to participate in job action. If you are contacted by HSAS to participate, you will receive more information at that time, including entitlement to strike pay.

We want you to know that we have done everything possible to avoid a strike, but the Wall government and health care employers have given us no other option.

We have spent more than two years at the bargaining table. Each time we met with SAHO, they dismissed our proposals, and refused to even negotiate. In fact, the last time we met with them they admitted they don’t even have the authority to negotiate with us any further.

Enough is enough. We have decided that we have to take a stand.

Remember, only those contacted by HSAS will be expected to participate in job action.

Background Documents:
President’s News Conference Statement
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