HSAS Donates $10,000 to Regina Food Bank


HSAS Continues Cold Weather, Warm Hearts Campaign in Support of Regina Food Bank

HSAS is proud to support the Regina Food Bank and Learning Centre with a $10,000 donation as part of the Cold Weather, Warm Hearts donation campaign. Cold Weather, Warm Hearts is a partnership between HSAS and the Regina Food Bank to help bring in donations during the cold winter months after Christmas, when seasonal giving typically winds down.

The Regina Food Bank supports families and individuals that are facing food insecurity. Food insecurity is when a household has uncertain access to food due to a lack of money. Food insecurity can happen to anyone and food security issues are not just impacting lower income households. Households with higher incomes, including households who classify as middle class, might now be faced with having to choose between paying bills on time or paying for groceries.

Regina Food Bank feeds over 15,000 children, adults and seniors every month.

“Regina Food Bank provides vital support to the community. Food insecurity can affect anyone and Regina Food Bank is there to help. They truly are neighbours feeding neighbours and HSAS is proud to support their mission” says HSAS President, Karen Schmid.

The Regina Food Bank is accredited Imagine Canada’s Top 100 Charity and are very effective in their use of donations. 92% of every $1.00 goes to feeding the community and every $1.00 you give provides 3 meals to those who need them.

HSAS encourages our members and members of the community to join us in supporting the Regina Food Bank by donating, if they’re able.

Click here to donate: https://reginafoodbank.pllenty.com/#/

Click here to learn more about the Regina Food Bank and Learning Centre: https://www.reginafoodbank.ca/copy-of-how-we-help