Terms of Use


The terms found within this document outline and use of www.hsas.ca. By visiting and using elements of this website, you agree to the outlined terms or use.

General Use

The HSAS website has been developed and is maintained to provide the members of Heath Sciences Association of Saskatchewan and the public with information regarding the professions the Union serves.

It is acceptable to:

  • Browse the website for research, information, educational and consultative purposes
  • Add HSAS resources as a link on your website
  • Contact HSAS Communications should you find an error or omission on the site

It is unacceptable to:

  • Copy, reproduce or exploit material found on the site for a commercial purpose of financial gain.
  • Distribute, copy, modify, reproduce, sell/lease/rent/sub-license or exploit licensed material found on the site for commercial purposes or financial gain.
  • Access (without system administration privileges or permissions) the system administration of the website. This includes automated or systematic data extraction, manipulation of all templates and the overall function of the site. This also includes source codes and integration elements.
  • Use the website in a manner that is harmful or negligent or will cause threat, damage or impairment of the website and all its contents. This also includes any measures and activities that directly harm user systems and the site administration.
  • Transmit, store, publish or distribute any material that is harmful to the website and system users. This includes spyware, computer viruses or other malicious computer software.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content found on www.hsas.ca has been either created by HSAS, or HSAS has permission to use the content. HSAS reserves the right to use the website content for Union business and communications. Anyone outside of HSAS is prohibited to do the same without prior consent from HSAS or proper acknowledgement of the Union.

Limitations of Liability

Content and materials found on the website are for reference and general purposes only. You assume all responsibility for using, or relying upon, HSAS website content and any information you may access or use through www.hsas.ca.

HSAS is not liable for the misuse or misunderstanding of all content, actions or descriptions found within and/or downloaded from the site or found through links or 3rd party resources. This includes any actives that result in injury and/or death.

3rd Party Content, Resources & Links

HSAS is not responsible for the content in the material found and used by accessing 3rd party resources via links found in the content and material on the website.

Changes & Amendments to this Terms of Use

Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) reserves the right to amend or change this policy at their convenience, dating the document accordingly. No notice shall be given to anyone regarding any amendments or changes to this Terms of Use.

Questions, Concerns or Comments:

Please send any questions, concerns or comments to:

HSAS Saskatoon Office
#42 – 1736 Quebec Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1V9
Phone: (306) 955-3399
Toll-Free: 1-888-565-3399
Fax: (306) 955-3396
Email: [email protected]

Original Policy Date: September 21, 2015           Last Policy Change/ Amendment Date: