President’s Message

President’s Annual Message to Members
Year in Review – 2022

Shortly we will be marking the end of 2022, and beginning on new paths going forward.

2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of the formation of HSAS, which today represents over 4100 specialized health care professionals who work within the Saskatchewan Health Authority, several privately owned ambulance services within the province, and at Canadian Blood Services in Regina.

Our founding members were determined to establish a union that would represent health care professionals, such as the 30 plus classifications we have the privilege of representing today. That goal was a daunting one and their perseverance was without limits. The 1970s’ politics of the day, the push back from other unions and labour councils, did not stop the founding members from continuing the fight to establish HSAS.  They also drew inspiration and strength from provinces to the west where similar unions, also representing health care professionals, had recently been established in Alberta and British Columbia. Those founding members did not give up or back down from their vision.  Their goal was realized in 1972.

HSAS has grown and evolved to be regarded in the present day as a prominent and strong health care union in the province. Much of this recognition has been earned through the professionalism, discipline, and hard work of the Membership, and the leadership through the decades.

A strong membership equates to a strong union.  As members of HSAS working in acute care, long term care, community and emergency care services, you have dedicated your services to the patient, client, or community on a daily basis, going beyond the call of duty, often sacrificing personal time, and family time, because duty calls and because you care. Sacrifice… is something you experience every day. Over the past three years through Covid, you endured.  You are the true heroes.

In the months to come, we will continue our daily work of providing service to our members, while we prepare for the upcoming Bargaining Conference, all in anticipation of the next round of provincial bargaining.  In 2023 and each year after, we will remember the perseverance of our founding members and face challenges put before us with the same resolve – to have a professional health care union which represents our members, one that acknowledges and celebrates our unique community of interests.

Wishing you all the Best this Holiday Season, and throughout the new year!

Kind Regards,

Karen Wasylenko