HSAS Mission & Position Statements

HSAS Mission Statement

Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan is a Union of specialized health care professionals committed to improving the overall wellbeing of its members and improving the quality of public health care in Saskatchewan.

HSAS Position Statements

Defense of Public Health Services

HSAS believes and reaffirms in the protection and commitment to the Canada Health Act

The five principles of the Canada Health Act Include:

Public administration

HSAS will advocate and support:

To protect, promote and restore the physical and mental wellbeing of Saskatchewan residents and to promote reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers.

To ensure inclusion of publicly funded services in acute care, emergency services, community care and long term care, including effective preventative programs to address the needs of Saskatchewan residents.

For the allocation of appropriate funding by the Saskatchewan government to address the health care needs of Saskatchewan residents, urban and rural, without shifting health care provisions to private, for-profit enterprises.

For recognition by all levels of Government in resource allocation, including demographic factors, population growth, vulnerable populations and other social determinants of health.

Member Engagement

HSAS believes in supporting union values and increasing member engagement through the use of educational opportunities and personal connections to build a strong united membership.

HSAS will increase member engagement through:

Identifying and responding to key issues that are important to members

Creating opportunities for members to connect with HSAS Executive Council

Educating HSAS members on the role HSAS has in their lives, the rights HSAS protects and the resources available to them.

Enhancing opportunities for members to engage with HSAS and become activists in ways that best suit their needs and preferences.

Continuing education opportunities addressing varying topics that are important to members, including but not limited to conferences, podcasts and seminars whether virtually or in person.


HSAS will actively represent its members in the workplace as well as in political and legislative environments.

HSAS will campaign on behalf of members and may formalize alliances with other organizations with a focus on improving public health care services in Saskatchewan. HSAS will campaign and engage with politicians to ensure safe work environments and the safe delivery of public health care services provided by HSAS members.


HSAS shall consider organizing and certifying non-unionized individuals engaged in health science professions or occupations in the provision of health care services within Saskatchewan.

HSAS shall identify resources required to organize and certify non-unionized health care professionals.