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Your Questions Answered – Vacation

How much vacation can I carry-over from year to year?

For all Members (except those who had been previously covered by the CUPE 600 or SGEU/PSC Agreements)

As per Article 13 – Vacation of the HSAS/SAHO Collective Agreement, you are entitled to carry over all vacation hours accrued in the current vacation year plus five (5) days earned in previous vacation years.

For example: The Saskatchewan Health Authority’s fiscal year runs from April 1 of one year up to and including March 31 of the following year . On the first day of a new fiscal year – in this case, April 1, 2020, the maximum amount of vacation that you can have in your bank is all of the vacation you earned in the fiscal year of April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 PLUS five (5) vacation days you earned but did not use from fiscal years prior to that.

You are entitled to carry over those 5 days. You do not need your employer’s permission to do so. They may ask you to indicate your intention to do so, but you do not need their permission.


For members who has been previously covered by the CUPE 600 or SGUE/PSC Agreements

As per Appendix A – Vacation Provision for Former PSC Employees, you are entitled to carrying over five days unless you get permission from your employer to carry-over more.


My Manager has asked me for a plan on how I am going to use my vacation days before March 31. Can they do that? Do I have to give them a plan?

It is within a manager’s right to ask how your plan to use up your time. It is in your best interest to provide your plan to the manager. It gives you control over the process of how you choose to use up your remaining vacation time.

Can I utilize my seniority to select when I take my remaining vacation time?

As per Article 13.05 – Vacation Selection (a), you may exercise your seniority once per year for your vacation selection subject to submitting your selection by March 1 each year.

If you have already used your seniority to make your selection or have missed the deadline of March 1, your requests will be approved on a first come first served basis.

I submitted my vacation request by March 1 last year but my manager did not respond to it (either way) for 6 months!! Help!

At minimum, you should have received a response by March 15.

Further, if you submit a leave request for ANY reason and do not receive a response in two (2) weeks, follow up with your manager. If you continue to have problems getting a response, please contact

That said, if your leave request is urgent and you are not getting a timely response from your manager, please contact

I asked for 4 weeks of vacation - in a row, last year and my manager refused to give it to me. I thought I was entitled to take my pick ‘unbroken’?

If you make your selection by March 1 and you are the senior member for that vacation period and it is your first (1st) selection, you are entitled to receive that specific vacation selection unbroken.  Article 13.05 Vacation Selection (a) states:

(a)    Annual vacation shall be regulated on a mutually agreed basis within the workplace.  In cases of disagreement, seniority shall govern in the Employee’s first selection of an unbroken period of vacation.  However, when annual vacations are split, seniority shall only govern in that first selection as indicated by the employee.  In order for an Employee to exercise her rights she must make her vacation selection by March 1 of each year.

Article 13.05 (c) further confirms your right to an unbroken vacation period, it states:

(c)    Employees shall be entitled to receive vacation in an unbroken period.

If you meet the criteria under Article 13.05 (a), you have the right to have your first vacation selection unbroken for the duration.  If you have explained this to your manager and they continue to refuse, please contact



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