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HSAS Information Updates: Covid-19

Update #3: March 31, 2020

To all HSAS members:

Since our last update of March 19, HSAS has continued to meet with representatives of the SHA and the Ministry of Health.  All other healthcare unions also participated in these meetings. There has been frustration and concern in that a number of our respective members have had their workplaces, job duties and at times, hours of work changed.  Almost without exception, those changes happened without consultation with the members’ unions, as per collective agreements.

Members have been told that they have been deemed essential or non-essential.  To date, no definitions have been provided and no discussions have taken place prior to our members being advised of their ‘status’. 

There appears to have been a militarization of the SHA response to Covid-19.  Where previously, SHA labour relations would have respected the Collective Agreements and met with unions to discuss planned initiatives prior to enacting them, that is not the pattern which we have seen to this point.  Actions have been taken in our members’ workplaces on directives issued from someone, somewhere.  We are hearing terms such as redeployment, field hospitals, and cohorts.  

Personal safety and access to appropriate PPE remains top of mind for many of our members.  This is not unreasonable and membership should not be made to feel that it is.  If Covid-19 is the enemy, then no one should be going into battle unarmed. 

Throughout the confusion, members have continued to email and to phone HSAS labour relations with their concerns and questions.  Where possible and where existing, we have sought out answers and advocated on their behalf.  Sometimes the answers are forthcoming; sometimes there are no adequate answers provided or explanations for actions taken.  We fully understand that we are in uncharted waters.  However, the Collective Agreement should be respected and serve as a guide for how to proceed through the days and weeks ahead.  It should not be disrespected and ignored.  

Please know that we will continue to advocate on your behalf, giving voice to your questions and concerns.  As we have stated previously- as we receive ‘confirmed’ information , we will share it with our membership.

Update #2: March 19, 2020

To All HSAS Members:

Yesterday, our province declared a State of Emergency in an effort to stem the spread of Covid-19.  The past week has seen an incredible amount of shifting and evolving information both from our provincial government and our Employers.  Many questions have been received from our members.  Members are struggling to make sense of what is happening in their workplaces and in their personal lives. 

On a daily basis HSAS and all other healthcare unions have been meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority and your concerns and questions have been asked.  

We have relayed your concerns of managers putting forward directives which contradict directives issued by powers above them- such as insisting on continuing business as usual with crowded waiting rooms, face to face therapy and treatment sessions and group sessions. 

We have challenged the decision to direct asymptomatic members returning from travel prior to March 16th, to return into their workplaces without self-isolating for 14 days as is the expectation of every other resident in this province. 

We have challenged the level of PPE protection available to our members and the accessibility to appropriate equipment when it is needed.  

We have raised the concerns of members who have questions about how to care for their children when schools are closed.

We have listened to the Employer speak on labour pools and redeployment when the services our members currently provide are suspended, leaving them without their daily work.  We have been informed that the Ministry will be meeting with licensing/regulatory bodies to discuss re-licensing of those professionals not currently licensed to practice as well as reviewing scope of practice which could allow for assistance in other areas of healthcare where resources may be needed.

This is not an exhaustive list.  

We wish that we had more definitive answers to your questions and concerns. Please be assured that we are hearing you and in turn ensuring that both the Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority hear your concerns.  As we receive those answers, we will share them.

Update #1: March 13, 2020

To All HSAS Members:
As every one of you is already aware, yesterday saw the announcement of the first presumptive positive case of the Covid-19 virus in Saskatchewan.  There is no question that everyone has been affected personally through news stories and more recently through their professional life.  

HSAS is cognizant of the uncertainties that are evident everywhere in our province and our workplaces.  

Earlier today HSAS notified its members by email that effective March 16, 2020, HSAS Labour Relations Officers would be working on a remote basis, as would HSAS office administration staff.  This will help ensure that HSAS Labour Relations services remain intact and available to meet our members’ needs going forward.

This email also serves to inform HSAS members that HSAS is meeting with Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) representatives on a daily basis.  Information is shared by the SHA and all unions present on the calls have the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.  

Our Labour Relations Officers have been receiving member questions. Some of those questions we are able to answer.  Those which we do not have answers for have been communicated to the SHA representatives.  We have requested answers and as we receive them, we will post the questions and answers to the website to allow all members to access the information provided.

It is expected that all employers of HSAS members will ensure the health and safety of our members by observing all safety guidelines and recommendations.

Government of Saskatchewan website:

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