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COVID-19 Vacation Concerns

Questions and Answers


Q: I have heard that some people might not get to take their vacation as planned or scheduled. Is this true?

A: The SHA has indicated to HSAS that due to COVID-19 related demand in the health system, the employer may need to cancel some scheduled vacations. If there is an increase in demand in the area or facility that you work in, management may approach you to discuss this.

Q: I had vacation booked for the end of December, but my manager told me I may have to cancel. What should I do?

A:   Article 13.12 (link to article 13.12)of the HSAS/SAHO Collective Agreement outlines that the Employer does have the ability to cancel your approved vacation.  Where that happens, they would be required to reimburse you for any unrecoverable expenses you would have incurred, associated with the vacation.  You would be expected to provide receipts.

The SHA leadership has stated that they would expect that cancelling of pre-approved vacation would only happen if circumstances were significant enough to warrant that action and not without a justifiable reason.

Should you be informed that your pre-approved vacation is being cancelled and have questions – please contact

Q:  My manager has told us that some of us might have our vacations (approved in March!) cancelled.  If we can’t take our vacations at all in the next few months, are we going to be able to carry them over? 

A: That is a question that all unions have asked of the SHA leadership.  We did not receive a response which outlined what the process would be if individuals were not able to take the required amount of vacation in this fiscal year, leading up to March 31, 2021.


Q:  I’m hearing that because there isn’t enough staff, people might get their vacation cancelled and have to work.  What happens if I’m already on vacation over Christmas? Can they call me back???

A: Yes, the Employer can call you back from vacation: Article 13.12. If that happens, the Employer must pay you at 2X your regular rate of pay for all hours worked.  When you have completed the work you were called back for, you can decide to either complete the rest of your scheduled vacation or along with your Employer decide (mutually agree) when your unused vacation can be rescheduled.

If you have been called back from your scheduled vacation and have questions/concerns, please email

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