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Working Remotely

AS OF APRIL 27, 2020

In the early days of the Covid-19 response and discussions on remote work, the Employer indicated that remote work was an option most likely to be initiated by the employee.  In addition to seeking approval of the manager to carry out work remotely, the employee must complete a number of forms.  They include an ergonomic review of the workspace, safety review of the home work environment, as well as confidentiality and privacy agreements.  Please contact your manager or Human Resources to obtain the necessary forms.

On April 17, 2020, HSAS, along with all healthcare unions, SHA and SAHO signed a temporary Letter of Understanding (LOU) which outlines the agreed- to guidelines that will govern the use of a Labour Pool and movement of members during the province’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines as well as the protection provided to those members.  One section of the LOU speaks to remote work and states that where an employee is assigned to the labour Pool and is not redeployed, the Employer will attempt to find work for them in the current work area or remotely.

For concerns and questions, please contact


AS OF MARCH 22, 2020:

Questions pertaining to members working remotely have been asked at the daily meetings with the Ministry of Health and the SHA. HSAS has requested information about the guidelines and criteria that would be used. The SHA has indicated that it is working on the process.

We will continue to request this information and will share this with the membership once it is received.

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