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HSAS Annual Convention 2022 – Saskatoon


Celebrating 50 years!

Looking to the future while considering our past is an important theme for this year’s Convention. It has been 50 years since the inception of HSAS and in those years the Union has grown to 4,000+ members, across 30+ professions, in all corners of Saskatchewan.

Delegates and guests to this year’s event will hear from keynote speaker and comedian Susan Stewart, who will bring her unique sensibilities and style on how to look to the future and move forward. The Union will provide a labour update, the annual Members’ Forum and the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for Convention Delegates Open May 16, 2022!

Convention Delegate nomination packages were emailed to HSAS Members.

If you or a fellow HSAS member do not receive the Convention Delegate Nomination email, contact us here.

Keynote Address: An Uplifting Look to the Future

Susan Stewart

Comedian & Speaker Toronto, Ontatrio

A speaker who will give your group the lift they need, Susan helps people see the lighter side of life to lower stress, nurture strong mental health, and be resilient in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

Professionally, there have been a few “plot twists” along the way. After earning a Theatre Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, Susan moved to Toronto to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. A few years into her comedy career, Susan started to battle depression and anxiety which eventually led her to quit the “biz”. When Susan got back on her feet, she wanted to get a “real job” and see how the other half lived. Thanks to a whole lot of serendipity and a wee bit of nepotism, Susan landed a job in a Human Resources office in the Ontario Government.

About a year into her HR career, Susan was asked to create and deliver a comical presentation about wellness at an upcoming professional development conference.  Susan’s presentation was a smash-hit and before she knew it, she was touring around the Ontario Government delivering her comical presentation about mental health at other events and conferences.

In 2008, Susan took the leap of faith and left her HR career to deliver comical presentations about seeing the lighter side of life full time.

For the past 12 years, Susan has been touring around North America making audiences laugh and sharing ways to meet the challenges of work and life with a positive outlook, and of course, a sense of humour.

Susan is the author of Reaching The Laugh Resort: Why The Journey To Remembering Who You (Really) Are Is Worth The Jet Lag, Your New Lenses Are Ready For Pick Up: A Guide To Seeing The Lighter Side Of Life, and You Gotta Laugh: Wit And Wisdom About Not Taking Life (Or Yourself) Too Seriously.

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