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HSAS Annual Convention

HSAS Annual Convention 2018
Focusing on You

Top of the Inn – Sheraton Cavalier
Saskatoon, SK
October 25 & 26, 2018

Notice of the HSAS 46th Annual Convention and General Meeting

HSAS Convention Agenda

Annual General Meeting Agenda


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Convention Speakers

Convention Delegates will learn about Workplace Stress Injuries in the workplace from retired Lieutenant Colonel and Mental Health Innovator, Stéphane Grenier.

Delegates will also hear from Avinash Maniram, Partner and Senior Consultant with PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd., about the evolution of today’s sedentary lifestyle and the associated health risks in his presentation: “Is Sitting the New Smoking?”. 

During the second day of Convention, HSAS will provide a Labour Relations Update from Legal Counsel, Marcus Davies.

Stéphane Grenier

Retired Lieutenant Colonel & Mental Health Innovator

In today’s modern workplace, mental health problems have become the leading cause of disability claims, accounting for 70% of workplace disability management costs in Canada. As a former post-traumatic stress disorder sufferer, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Stéphane Grenier knows the toll mental health issues can take on individuals firsthand. Grenier offers audiences pragmatic advice designed to foster workplaces that support an open, non-stigmatized approach to mental health. Grenier has challenged society’s traditional outlook regarding mental health for much of his career by redefining how we should care for and support those affected by mental health problems. His body of work began in his very own workplace, the Canadian Military, where he created and managed numerous employee driven mental health programs that have proven effective over the years and have been sustained since his departure.

Grenier is a powerful speaker who provides a nice blend of evidence base, personal experiences and humor, allowing audiences a firm understanding of how we need to re-humanize the healing and recovery process. His body of work includes coining and defining the term “Operational Stress Injury” in 2001, a term later adapted by the US Marine corps as “Combat Stress Injury”. His views have resonated as far as with the American Psychiatric Association when debating the value of renaming the diagnostic of “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” to “Post Traumatic Stress Injury”. His work took him to lecture at US Marine Corps University, several Physician Health Program conferences in the United States and the international Physician Health Conference in Montreal Canada where he received a standing ovation by over 350 clinicians for his inspirational outlook.

He is a regular keynote speaker at major workplace focussed and labour conferences and more recently some of his conferences have been recognised by Continuing Medical Education Departments. In 2012, he retired from the military and created Mental Health Innovations consulting (MHI) in order to dedicate his full attention to developing non-clinical mental health interventions as a complement to traditional clinical care and also co-founded Peer Support Accreditation and Certification (Canada), a non- profit organization dedicated to the advancement of peer support. In 2015, he was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa by the University of Guelph.

Photo provided by: National Speakers Bureau

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Avinash Maniram

Partner and Senior Consultant PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd.

Avinash is a senior consultant with PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd., consulting to negotiated cost trusteed clients with regard to the provision of group benefit programs. He has over 20 years of insurance and consulting experience. Avinash has a broad range of experience in employee benefits and technical expertise in the design, funding, pricing and valuation of group benefit programs in a negotiated contribution environment. He serves multi-employer clients in the construction, telecommunications, retail and service industries.

Mr. Maniram has also served on the faculty of the actuarial sciences program at Simon Fraser University.

Avinash is a member of the IFEBP and has become a frequent speaker on health and welfare topics. Through this experience with the IFEBP and his work with clients on member education issues, Avinash has developed and made numerous presentations to unionized groups covering technical actuarial and benefits issues.

Avinash attended the University of Manitoba on scholarships from the IBEW and Canadian Federation of Labour. While there, he earned a Master’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics after obtaining a Bachelor of Science (Honours), with a major in Actuarial and Management Sciences. He has also served on the faculty of the Actuarial Sciences department at Simon Fraser University.

Photo provided by: PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd.

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Marcus Davies

Legal Counsel Bainbridge Jodouin Cheecham - Saskatoon

Marcus Davies  is a lawyer with the law firm Bainbridge Jodouin Cheecham in Saskatoon.  He is a former journalist and political advisor who  focuses his law practice on representing employees and unions across Saskatchewan.

He has appeared at all levels of court and has conducted a number of labour arbitrations.  He was part of the legal team which successfully argued against the Public Services Essential Services Act at the Supreme Court of Canada.

He is a trained mediator who also performs workplace harassment investigations.

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Union Region

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Seats 1 of 1 OPEN

Seats 1 of 1 OPEN

Seats 1 of 3 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 3:

Deborah Youden – Mental Health Therapist
Brad Mee – Paramedic

Seats 1 of 3 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 4:

Judith Painter – Assessor Coordinator
Brenda Hadland – Assessor Coordinator

Seats 1 of 2 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 5:

Judy Jones – Social Worker

Seats 1 of 2 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 6:

Marisa Kermack – Social Worker

Seats 0 of 13 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 7:

Jen Bacon – Speech Language Pathologist
Sarah Friesen – Psychologist
Sherren Gillott – Respiratory Therapist
Jodi Posehn – Addictions Counsellor
John Prince – Public Health Inspector
Pam Ritsco – Health Educator
Anil Sarkar – Respiratory Therapist
Dan Szmutko – Occupational Therapist
Michelle Marud – Assessor Coordinator
Juliana Cook – Physical Therapist
Melanie Liast – Speech Language Pathologist
Jennifer Gareau – Addictions Counsellor
Jillian Urquhart – Social Worker

Seats 0 of 2 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 8:

Tracy Erickson – Addictions Counsellor
Glenda Erickson – Occupational Therapist

Seats 0 of 2 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 9:

Anna Angelinas – Health Educator
Crystal Corey – Occupational Therapist

Seats 1 of 2 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 10:

Deb Gray – Respiratory Therapist

Seats 0 of 11 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 11:

Ann Farn – Assessor Coordinator
Lindsay Freistadt – Public Health Inspector
Marcel Shevalier – Addictions Counsellor
Natalie Horejda – Physical Therapist
Amanda Kryklywicz – Public Health Inspector
Terry Nordgulen – Mental Health Therapist
Tanja Smiljic – Assessor Coordinator
Rob Snell – EMT
Shawna Stevens – Public Health Inspector
Marie Stimson – EMT-A
Bonnie Yake – Physical Therapist

Seats 0 of 2 OPEN

Delegates Representing Union Region 12:

Ken Cross – Public Health Inspector
Mary Deren – Health Educator

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