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HSAS & North East EMS: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026

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Letter of Understanding – Cumberland House







The parties hereby agree to the implementation of Special Provisions for employees assigned to provide medical care services in Cumberland House, which shall not apply to employees when they are working at other locations. [Upon ratification, the Union will withdraw any outstanding grievances regarding Cumberland House working conditions.]

Employees of North East EMS shall be entitled to the following benefits and working conditions that will apply to their time spent working at Cumberland House:

1.     Travel to and from Cumberland House

An employee who is scheduled to work in Cumberland House shall be paid for two (2) hours straight time for travel to Cumberland House, at the start and end of their assigned time spent in Cumberland House. Travel time shall be included in their float hours. Two (2) hours will be paid at regular time, or at the overtime rate of time and a half if the hours of a Tango 2 shift exceed eight (8) hours. If the actual travel time is more than two hours for whatever reason, the travel time will not be adjusted. There will be no separate reimbursement of any travel expenses should an employee choose to take a separate vehicle to travel in.

2.     Shift Assignment and Special Pay Arrangements for Employees:

The provisions set out in Article 12 – Hours of Work and Overtime are amended as set out below.

         (a)     ACP/EMTP employees will work a floating twelve (12) hour regular day and twelve (12) hours standby. Overtime will be paid after a total of twelve (12) hours worked in any given twenty-four (24) hour scheduled day. Article 12.03(a) will not apply to these shifts. If two (2) ACPs are scheduled to work at the same time, only one (1) will be assigned to work the ACP schedule off a floating twelve (12) hour day with 12 hours of standby.

         (b)     PCP/EMT employees, and ACPs not in the ACP position in (a) above, will be paid a floating eight (8) hour shift, and 16 hours standby. Overtime will be paid after a total of 8 hours worked in any given 24-hour scheduled day. Article 12.03(c) will apply to these shifts.

        (c)     Total scheduled time will average more than a 40-hour week, since the scheduled days off are increased as well. This will not trigger accumulated weekly overtime during their work schedule in Cumberland House. Overtime will only be paid on a daily basis during the work week for all employees working at Cumberland House (over 12 hours for full-time ACP/EMTP and over 8 hours for PCP/EMT). Article 12.03(a) will not apply, but the four-week two-pay-period averaging language in Article 12.03(c) will apply.

         (d)     The shift rotation for full-time ACP/EMTP employees who work in these positions will be a floating twelve (12) hour regular day and twelve (12) hours standby in Cumberland House and an eight (8) hour regular day, and sixteen (16) hours standby in Nipawin. This schedule will follow the annual work hours in Article 12 – Hours of Work and Overtime except as modified herein. Staff will commence their twelve (12_ hour regular shift and twelve (12) hours of standby in Cumberland House and their eight (8) hour regular shift and sixteen (16) hours of standby in Nipawin at the time determined by management. The scheduled shifts and shift rotation may be adjusted with two (2) weeks’ notice to the affected employees.

          (e)     Standby rates for Employees will be paid in accordance with Article 12 – Hours of Work and Overtime, except as modified herein. For shifts worked in Cumberland House, Article 21 (Allowances, Differentials and Other Expenses) will not apply.

           (f)     The work schedule and assigned responsibilities for full-time ACP/EMTP employees in Cumberland House shall reflect the Saskatchewan Health Authority work standard for the Cumberland House Health Centre, as amended from time to time.

           (g)     Any call-outs in the ambulance will receive three (3) hours of call-out pay. If there are two (2) or more call-outs completed within a three (3) hour period, only one (1) three (3) hour call-out will be paid. Calls in progress beyond the three (3) hour period will thereafter continue to be paid at the applicable wage rates. These are considered as float hours. Once float hours have been exhausted, overtime rates will apply. 

          (h)     Any call-outs into the clinic shall receive pay for one (1) hour or the time actually spent in the clinic, whichever is greater. These are considered as float hours. Once float hours have been exhausted, overtime rates will apply. The general call-out provisions in the re-numbered Article 12.03(d) do not apply.

          (i)     An employee who is working in Cumberland House at the time, and who has been designated by the Employer to receive work-related phone calls after the end of her shift, shall be paid for thirty (30) minutes for each such phone call received to a maximum of ninety (90) minutes in a twenty-four (24) hour period, provided that the phone call was forwarded through dispatch from a 911 call. If the call turns into a call-out, then the employee will be entitled to call-out pay rather than the phone call pay.

          (j)     Employees scheduled to work at Cumberland House will be entitled to receive one (1) hour of pay each day for checks and other required base duties, including on weekends, statutory holidays and when the clinic is closed. This hour is always to be included in the float. During the week, the checks are to be done during the time when the clinic is open.

3.     The Employer will provide the appropriate letter to the employees who work at Cumberland House to assist those employees who wish to apply for the northern work tax credit.

4.     All other articles of the NEEMS/HSAS Collective agreement shall apply except as provided for herein.

5.     In the event that the Parties mutually agree to end the practices outlined above either as a result of negotiation or arbitration, employees will have their schedule adjusted to the new schedule determined solely by the Employer in an orderly process implemented within a reasonable period of time.

6.     North East EMS agrees to voluntarily recognize HSAS as the representative for any employee of North East EMS who only works at Cumberland House and at no other location.

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