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HSAS & North East EMS: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026

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8.01     The Employer and the Union are desirous of maintaining positive relations and of encouraging a professional relationship between employees and the Employer. The parties agree to attempt to resolve differences between them in an amicable way and, as much as possible, without recourse to the decision of any third party, failing which the following provisions will apply.

8.02     A grievance shall be defined as any dispute between the Employer and any employee(s) regarding the interpretation, meaning, operation, application or alleged violation of this Agreement. Neither party to this Agreement shall cause a suspension of work because of a grievance.

8.03     Any grievance submitted shall specify the Article and Section of the Agreement alleged to have been violated, the circumstances and occurrence leading to the alleged violation and the redress or adjustment requested. It shall not be sufficient to allege violation of the Agreement as a whole.

8.04     No grievance shall be considered which is not presented within ten (10) calendar days after the event or circumstances giving rise to the complaint came to the attention or should have come to the attention of the employee or employees concerned.

8.05     Union/Employer Representation

To provide an orderly process for settling grievances, the Union shall elect or appoint Union Representatives. The Union shall notify the Employer, in writing, of the names of the Union Representatives and of any changes made therein.

8.06     The Employer will, from time to time, advise the Union in writing of the Manager(s) designated to resolve grievances. The designated Manager shall reply in writing to any grievance presented by the employee affected within ten (10) days, by sending a copy to the Union’s office and the General Manager.

8.07     Permission to Leave Work

The Employer agrees that, except when required to provide services to patients, the Griever and Union Representative may leave assigned duties temporarily in order to discuss matters with the Employer related to a grievance. The Grievor and Union Representative shall notify their supervisor(s) and suitable arrangements shall be made by the supervisor(s) prior to the employee(s) leaving active work. Neither the Grievor nor the Union Representative shall suffer any loss of pay for time so spent. Any Employee shall be entitled to contact the union office to get advice or file a grievance during paid or unpaid rest breaks.

8.08     Informal Discussion

It is the desire of the parties hereto that differences of disputes of employees be addressed as quickly as possible. Employees or the Union may refer such grievances to the owner or a manager for an informal discussion prior to filing a formal grievance.

8.09     Alternate Dispute Resolution

The parties may agree to resolve the grievance through means such as mediation or expedited arbitration.

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