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HSAS & North East EMS: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026

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20.01     The Union will be provided with a copy of Company policies regarding employee conduct and discipline and with copies of amendments to those policies or new policies prior to implementation.

20.02     An employee shall have, upon reasonable notice, access to her personnel file pertaining to work performance or conduct (but not access to references from previous employers). The employee may also request to have a copy of any document in the file, which shall not be unreasonably refused.

20.03     In cases of written reprimands, suspension or dismissals, the employee may request the attendance of union representative (in person or by telephone) in a disciplinary meeting with the Company. Any written disciplinary documentation presented to the employee will also be copied to the Union.

20.04     Documents on File

The employer agrees to advise and discuss with an employee, her performance appraisal and any other document relating to the employee’s performance or conduct prior to such being filed in the employee’s personnel file.

20.05     No Discipline Without Just Cause

No employee shall be disciplined or discharged except for just cause subject to any provisions applicable to probationary employees. (i.e., Article 22.03)

20.06     Progressive Discipline

Progressive discipline will be used in dealing with Employees whose conduct is not satisfactory, as outlined in the Employer’s Policy Manual.

20.07     Disciplinary Documentation

Written documentation of disciplinary action shall be removed from the employee’s personnel file, provided there has been no further documentation of disciplinary action, after two (2) years.

20.08     Report to the College of Paramedics

If the Employer reports an Employee to the College of Paramedics, it shall inform the employee in a timely manner, outlining the reason for its action.

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