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HSAS & North East EMS: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026

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19.01     The Employer recognizes the very specialized field in which its employees work. When a vacancy is to be filled, it shall first be emailed to all employees and posted on the Company bulletin boards for ten (10) calendar days. Where there are two or more internal qualified applicants, the senior applicant shall be selected provided the employees have comparable qualifications and related experience. If there are no internal qualified applicants, the Company may advertise externally to the general public.

19.02     Part-Time and Casual employees, who have successfully completed their probationary period, will be given first consideration for available full-time positions, on the basis of seniority.

19.03     Part-Time and Casual employees who are hired into full-time positions shall be considered on a trial period in their new position for the first ninety (90) calendar days following the date of appointment to the new position. During this trial period, the Employee may be returned to the former (part-time or casual) position if not considered capable, or may request to be returned to the former (part-time or casual) position, without loss of seniority and at the former rate of pay.

19.04     This trial period may be extended on one (1) occasion only, up to a maximum of an additional ninety (90) calendar days when mutually agreed between the Company and the union. It is agreed that the circumstances warranting the extension, the improvements expected by the Employer and the duration of the trial period extension will be communicated in writing to the Employee prior to the expiration of his/her first ninety (90) day trial period.

19.05     Classification

Rates of pay for any classifications that may be established by the Employer within the scope of this Agreement shall be subject to negotiations, provided that the Employer shall have the right to establish a rate of be paid as per Article 13.01. The agreed rate of pay will be effective (and retroactive if applicable) as of the date when the new position was filled.

19.06     Temporary Vacancies

               (a)     Temporary vacancies of three (3) months or longer shall be posted and filled according to Article 19.01 of this agreement.

               (b)     Upon the conclusion of the temporary appointment, the employee shall be returned for former position or status.

               (c)     Temporary appointments will not exceed one year except by mutual agreement between the Union and the Employer, unless the temporary vacancy has arisen from an approved leave of absence of another employee for educational, medical or other acceptable reasons.

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