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HSAS & North East EMS: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026

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The Company and the Union recognize that occupational health and safety is a shared responsibility of the Company and the employees, and agree to cooperate in promoting safe work practices and rules that will enhance the safety of the work environment for employees and clients.

17.01     Occupational Health and Safety Committee

An Occupational Health and Safety Committee, as required by provincial legislation, shall be established with regular meetings and posted minutes.

17.02     Health or Safety Concerns

An employee or group of employees with a health or safety concern shall attempt to resolve that concern by first referring the concern to the immediate Supervisor. Alternatively, the employee may approach any member of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee with the concern.

17.03     Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

The Employer shall establish policies and procedures governing the prohibition and investigation of incidents of harassment and violence in the workplace. All employees and the Union will be provided with a copy and any updates.

17.04     Immunization

The Employer agrees to provide immunizations as required for Health Care workers in accordance with the Canadian Immunization Guide and the Centre for Disease Control. The Company shall pay the cost of inoculation for Ambulance Employees against Hepatitis A and B and Flu.

17.05     Protective Clothing

Protective clothing and equipment required by employees in the performance of their duties shall be provided at no cost to employees. For greater certainty, the Company shall provide gloves, face shields, shirts, pants or coveralls, outerwear appropriate for the season and conditions, safety eyewear (in vehicles), and any other items that might be required by provincial regulations.

17.06     Post-Trauma Counseling

The Employer agrees to continue to support employee access to the health district’s post-trauma counseling program. Employees may attend sessions without loss of pay or deduction from their sick leave credits to a maximum of six (6) hours per year. Employees may request up to the remainder of the shift off with pay while on shift when they have attended to a traumatic call.

17.07     Inclement Weather

Employees who are away from their headquarters while on the business of the Employer during inclement weather that prevents them from returning to headquarters or to their home shall be entitled to reimbursement for hotel and meal expenses as provided for in this agreement

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