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HSAS & North East EMS: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026

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15.01     Vacation credits for Full-Time Employees shall be earned on the following basis:

              (a)     During the first (1st) and subsequent years, including the fourth (4th) year of continuous employment, ten (10) hours credited per month (equivalent to three (3) forty (40) hour weeks per year).

              (b)     During the fifth (5th) and subsequent years of continuous employment, thirteen and one third (13 1/3) hours credited per month (equivalent to four (4) forty (40) hour weeks per year).

Full-Time and Casual employees shall earn vacation credits, as specified above, on a pro­rata basis, based on their average hours worked in the preceding calendar year (i.e., a Full-Time or Casual employee who averaged twenty (20) hour weeks in the preceding year would be entitled to five (5) hours of vacation credits per month).

15.02     Vacation Pay

During vacation leave periods, an employee shall receive:

               (a)     The number of hours of vacation credits earned times (x) the employee’s regular rate of pay at the time of taking vacation.

               (b)     Where an employee requests vacation pay in advance and provides fourteen (14) days written notice prior to the commencement of the vacation, vacation pay shall be provided to the employee no later than her last scheduled working day prior to vacation.

               (c)     Vacation pay in lieu of time off at the employee’s request.

15.03     Posting Vacation Credits

Employees shall receive on their pay stubs a statement of vacation pay earned in the pay period, and the total accrual of unused vacation pay entitlement.

15.04     Vacation Selection

               (a)     Annual vacation shall be scheduled by the Employer, permitting senior employees within a classification to have first choice, provided the vacation request is submitted by March 1st of each year. A senior employee can only use their seniority to obtain one continuous period of vacation leave, not two separate vacations. Once all employees have had a chance to use their seniority to select their first preferred vacation leave, all remaining vacation credits will be scheduled by the Employer on a first-requested basis after March 15th. Thereafter, the vacation schedule shall be posted, and once posted, these dates cannot be changed without mutual consent between the employee and her supervisor.

              (b)     Employees shall be entitled to receive vacation as it is earned during each vacation year.

              (c)     Employees shall take their vacations during the twelve (12) month period in which it is earned. The Employer may limit the number and types of employees who can be absent on vacation at any time to ensure that its operational responsibilities to the general public are maintained.

15.05     Vacation Pay Advance

Where an employee requests vacation pay in advance, they shall receive that pay within fourteen (14) days, exclusive of Saturday and Sunday.

15.06     Displacement of Vacation

During any period of vacation leave, an employee shall have their vacation credits reinstated for use at a later date when the employee is:

               (a)     granted bereavement leave

               (b)     granted sick leave as a result of hospitalization during the scheduled vacation leave

               (c)     granted sick leave, verified by a medical doctor immediately prior to the start vacation leave and continues into the period of scheduled vacation

In the amount equivalent to the vacation days lost due to bereavement or sick leave.

15.07     Call Back from Vacation

               (a)     An employee requested by the Employer to return to work from vacation shall be paid at one and a half times (1 ½ x) her regular rate of pay for all regular hours worked during her scheduled vacation time. All overtime hours shall be paid at two times (2x) her regular rate of pay.

               (b)     Upon completion of the work the employee had been called back to perform (i.e., the specified number of days or shifts required), the employee may, at her discretion, resume and complete the remainder of the scheduled vacation days or, by mutual agreement, reschedule all or a portion of the unused vacation to be taken at a later date. If the employee’s vacation is rescheduled by mutual agreement, the employee will be paid at regular rates for any subsequent shifts that would have fallen in the scheduled vacation period.

               (c)     Where the employer requires an employee to cancel scheduled vacation, the employee shall immediately notify the employer of any associated unrecoverable cost that the employee will experience. The employer will reimburse the employee for such reasonable and actual cost, where supported by receipts or other satisfactory proof.

15.08     Vacation Pay on Termination or Retirement

An employee who is terminating employment at any time in the vacation year before the employee has taken vacation, shall be entitled to a proportionate payment of salary in lieu of earned vacation. In the event that a departing employee has been permitted to take vacation time before it has been earned, the Employer may deduct any taken but unearned vacation from the employee’s final pay.

15.09     Vacation Carryover

An Employee shall be entitled to carry over all vacation credits earned in the current fiscal year (ending March 31st), plus five (5) days (57.5 hours) from previous years.

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