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HSAS & Canadian Blood Services: March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022

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8.01     Employees shall be aware that, in the course of their regular duties, they may be required to work various hours throughout the twenty-four (24) hour period of the day.

8.02     Shift Scheduling Standards

(a)     Except in cases of emergency or by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Employee, shift schedules shall provide for:

(i)     regular full time, temporary full time, regular part-time, and temporary part time shall be scheduled no fewer than four (4) rest days off in a two (2) week period. As often as possible, these rest days off will include either Saturday or Sunday and single days off will be avoided.

(ii)      regular full-time and temporary full-time employees shall be scheduled one (1) weekend off in each two (2) week period but, in any event, two (2) weekends off in each five (5) week period;

(iii)     at least twelve (12) consecutive hours off duty between the end of one shift and the commencement of the next shift.

(iv)     When an Employee is required to work without being given twelve (12) hours off duty, they shall be entitled to two times (2x) their basic rate of pay for all hours encroached on the twelve (12) hour off duty period on that shift.

(v)     not more than six (6) consecutive scheduled days of work.

(b)      “Weekend” shall mean 0001 on Saturday through until 2400 on Sunday.

8.03     Subject to each individual’s guaranteed hours, all shift types (i.e. weekend, day, evening, etc.) shall be assigned on an equitable basis unless otherwise mutually agreed by the Employees and the Employer, or in the event of an emergency or where unusual circumstances exist.

8.04     Employee Shift Exchange/Give Away

Employees may exchange or give away scheduled hours or work among themselves providing that:

(a)     the exchange or the giveaway is agreed to, in writing, between the affected Employees and provided to the immediate supervisor five (5) calendar days, or such shorter period as may be agreed upon, by the Employees and Employer before the start of the shift in question;

(b)     prior approval of such exchange or give away has been given by the Employee’s immediate supervisor.

(c)      there is no increased cost to the Employer as a result of the exchange or give away

(d)     such exchange or give away shall not be considered a violation of the scheduling provisions of Article 7 or 8.

(e)     Where an Employee exchanges or gives away time that results in their working/having less than their guaranteed hours of work they shall only be paid for those hours. worked (i.e. the Employer shall not be required to top up their hours or pay to the guaranteed amount to replace hours given away).

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