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HSAS & Canadian Blood Services: March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022

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41.01     The Employer agrees to take all reasonable steps so that no Employee shall lose employment because of technological change. Normal turnover of Employees to the extent that it arises during the period in which technological change occurs, shall be utilized to absorb Employees who otherwise would be displaced because of the technological change.

41.02     Should the Employer find it necessary to introduce technological change by altering methods or utilizing different equipment, and if such change will displace Employees in the bargaining unit, the Employer will notify the Association with as much advance notice as possible of such change and will meet and discuss reasonable measures to protect the interests of the Employees so affected.

41.03     If the Employer introduces technological change which results in the displacement of an Employee, the Employer will endeavor to provide alternative employment acceptable to the Employee.

41.04     Where the alternate employment is in a lower paid classification, the Employee’s salary shall be adjusted in the manner prescribed in Article 24 of this Collective Agreement.

41.05     Where alternate employment is not available or is not acceptable to the Employee, the Employer will give the Employee a minimum of six (6) weeks’ notice or pay in lieu of notice of displacement.

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