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HSAS & Canadian Blood Services: March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022

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16.01      An Employee who is incapacitated and unable to work as a result of an accident sustained while on duty in the service of the Employer within the meaning of the Workers’ Compensation Act shall continue to receive their base salary from the Employer, less regular deductions, provided they assign over to the Employer their compensation payments due from the Workers’ Compensation Board for time lost as a result of the accident.

16.02      Should the Employee’s claim be disallowed by the Workers’ Compensation Board, then any moneys paid by the Employer shall be either charged against the Employee’s accumulated sick leave credits, or if the Employee has no sick leave credits, the amount so paid shall be recovered from the Employee over a reasonable period of time.

16.03      When an Employee is absent on a Workers’ Compensation claim, all benefits of this Agreement will continue to accrue for a period of two (2) years except as set out under Article 16.04 below.

16.04      An Employee who is absent on a Workers Compensation claim will accrue annual vacation, sick leave, service credits for salary increments for the first year of the absence. They will not be paid for Paid Holidays during the entire period of the absence. However, service credits for the purpose of calculating future vacation entitlement will continue to accrue. If applicable, Employees will be entitled to insured benefits and pension in accordance with regulations under those plans.

16.05      All workplace accidents should be reported by the Employee and the Employer in accordance with the timelines prescribed by the Workers Compensation Act and regulations.

16.06      An Employee who has been receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits and who is able to return to work will provide the Employer with at least (2) weeks written notice of readiness to return to work when possible. Upon return to duty, they shall be reinstated in the same or a comparable position if such is available. Accrual of seniority shall not be interrupted during such leave.

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