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HSAS & Canadian Blood Services: March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022

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15.01      Full-time employees shall be entitled to a paid day off on or for (in lieu of) the following paid holidays:
New Year’s Day                                Labour Day
Saskatchewan Family Day             Thanksgiving Day
Good Friday                                      Remembrance Day
Easter Monday                                 Christmas Day
Victoria Day                                      Boxing Day
Canada Day                                       Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve
August Civic Holiday

15.02      In any given fiscal year (April 1 – March 31), regular full time Employees on staff before October 1 are entitled to one (1) Float Holiday with pay to be taken in that fiscal year. If an Employee has been unable to take the float holiday prior to January 1st, the supervisor/manager has the option to schedule the day. Employees whose employment terminates and who have not taken the float holiday are not entitled to payment in lieu of such holiday.

15.03      Other than Full Time:

In lieu of all of the above paid holidays including the float holiday, regular part-time, temporary part-time and casual employees shall be paid, on each cheque, 5.2 % of their regular earnings (excludes overtime, premiums, pay in lieu of vacation, pay in lieu of sick benefits, etc.)

15.04      To qualify for a Paid Holiday with pay, Employees must work their scheduled shift immediately prior to and immediately following the holiday except where the Employee is absent due to illness or other legitimate reasons, and,

15.05      Any work performed up to seven and one half (7.5) hours on a day designated as a holiday shall be paid for at the rate of one-and one-half times (1.5X) the Employee’s regular rate of pay.

15.06      Overtime on a Regular Day of a Paid Holiday

Subject to Article 15.05, all hours worked in excess of seven and one half (7.5) hours on a paid holiday shall be paid at the rate of two (2X) times the regular rate of pay for the first four (4) consecutive hours and two and one-half (2.5X) times the regular rate of pay for hours worked in excess of four (4) consecutive hours in that day.

15.07      Where a paid holiday falls on or is observed on a regular full time Employee’s scheduled day off and they are not required to work on that day, they will receive a day off with pay in lieu. If such day off with pay cannot be scheduled by the Employer, the Employee shall be paid for seven and one-half (7.5) hours at their straight-time hourly rate.

15.08      The Employer shall rotate, as equitably as possible, amongst Employees in classifications, the requirement to work on a Paid Holiday.

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