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HSAS & Canadian Blood Services: March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022

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14.01      The vacation year is April 1st to March 31st of the following year.

14.02      Vacation entitlement is earned during each vacation year of continuous service, and taken during the same vacation year, subject to 14.06, 14.07 and 14.08.

14.03      Vacation entitlement for regular full-time Employees shall be as follows:

(a)      Employees who have completed less than one (1) year of service as at March 31 will receive vacation prorated based on 1.25 days per month of service.

(b)      Following one (1) year of service, 15 working days (3 weeks), calculated as 1.25 days for each completed month of continuous service.

(c)      Following four (4) years of service, 20 working days (4 weeks), calculated as 1.667 days for each completed month of continuous service.

(d)      Following ten (10) years of service, 25 working days (5 weeks), calculated as 2.083 days for each completed month of continuous service.

(e)      Following twenty-five (25) years of service, 30 working days (6 weeks), calculated as 2.5 days for each completed month of continuous service.

(f)       Following thirty-five (35) years of service, 35 working days (7 weeks), calculated as 2.9167 days for each completed month of continuous service.

14.04      (a)      The pro-rata vacation entitlement for regular part-time employees is determined by the number of regular paid hours, divided by nineteen hundred and fifty (1950) hours, multiplied by the entitlement for a full-time employee.

Regular Paid Hours
          x          Entitlement of Regular Full-time Employee
1950 Hours

(b)      Unless otherwise mutually agreed between the employee and their supervisor/manager, regular part-time employees shall receive their vacation entitlement over the period of time equivalent to regular full-time employees and shall be paid their vacation pay proportionately during each week of the scheduled vacation.

(c)      In lieu of the paid vacation entitlement outlined above, temporary full- time, temporary part-time and casual employees shall be paid, on each pay cheque six percent (6%) of gross earnings.

(d)      The Employer shall calculate for employees, the N/52’s calculation (i.e. three fifty- seconds (3/52), four fifty-seconds (4/52), five fifty-seconds (5/52), six fifty-seconds (6/52) of gross earnings) annually at the end of each vacation year.

N/52 Calculation:

Three Fifty-Seconds (3/52), Four Fifty-Seconds (4/52), Five Fifty-Seconds (5/52) or Six Fifty- Seconds (6/52) of gross earnings, minus the vacation taken, minus the carryover into the next year = N/52 payment for vacation. Should the above calculation result in monies owed to an Employee, the Employer shall pay such monies to the Employee annually at the end of each vacation year.

14.05      When possible, the number of working days of vacation entitlement earned shall be consecutive when taken unless otherwise requested by the Employee. Employees who have broken their vacation into more than one (1) period during the vacation year shall receive preference, on the basis of seniority within classification, department, or section, for one (1) vacation period only.

14.06      (a)      Employees shall be required to submit in writing to the Employer their annual vacation preferences, for the following vacation year, no later than February 15th of each year. In case of conflict between two or more Employees in regard to their choice of a vacation period, the conflict shall be resolved by the Employer in favour of the more or most senior Employee unless that Employee has already exercised their seniority rights for vacation preference. The final annual vacation schedule shall be posted by the Employer no later than March 15th of each year. After that date, no Employee shall be bumped by any senior Employee from the vacation period awarded to the former. Unless deferment of annual vacation taken into the next calendar year has been expressly requested by the Employee and authorized in writing by the Employer under the conditions specified in Articles 14.07 and 14.08 hereof, vacation entitlement earned in any one (1) year must be taken before the end of that vacation year.

(b)      All other requests for vacation shall be submitted in writing at least four (4) weeks in advance, unless mutually agree otherwise, to the Employer and such request shall be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis. Employees shall be informed in writing within two (2) weeks following their request as to whether or not the time requested has been granted or denied.

(c)      Employees shall not be scheduled to work a weekend immediately prior to, immediately after their scheduled vacation period if such vacation commences immediately following a weekend or if it ends immediately prior to a weekend.
Employees shall not be scheduled to work a weekend that falls during their vacation period.

(d)      Vacation outstanding as at January 1st shall be scheduled, deferred, or paid out at the Employer’s discretion.

14.07      Provision to request approval to defer annual vacation is made to meet the exigencies of the service only. The only exceptions to this regulation are as follows:

(a)      Employees appointed subsequent to December 31st in any year, annual vacation may not be granted during probation periods.

(b)      Employees who have completed four (4) years or more of continuous service, Employees qualifying may request deferment at intervals of not less than three (3) years. Deferral of annual vacation cannot exceed 10 days.

14.08      Requests to defer annual vacation are to be submitted for review no later than December 31st in any year. If approved, such leave is to be completed prior to June 30th of the following year and may be combined with annual vacation earned in that year with the approval of the Employer.

14.09      Pro rata vacation pay on termination of employment will be paid in accordance with service rendered if proper notification of termination is given. If proper notice of termination is not given, the Employee will be paid in accordance with the Saskatchewan Employment Act.

14.10      Employees may, apply for a period of five (5) working days’ leave of absence without pay, to be granted concurrent with their earned vacation period. Such request, when made, may be granted at the discretion of the Employer.

14.11      Unless given four (4) weeks’ advance notice of an alteration to their scheduled vacation period, Employees required by the Employer to work in their vacation period will receive two (2) times their basic hourly rate for hours worked. This premium payment will cease, and the Employee’s basic rate of pay will apply at the start of their next regular working period. The vacation day(s) worked may be rescheduled as vacation leave with pay at a mutually agreed upon time. Failing mutual agreement, the provisions of 14.06(d) shall be applicable. In the event an Employee has paid for non-refundable travel arrangements for an approved vacation leave, the Employer will reimburse the Employee for such costs upon submission of proof of non-refundable payment.

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