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North East EMS – Forced CBA Vote

This is an important Message about your Collective Agreement (Contract) Negotiations – Your Employer has called for a ‘Forced’ vote.


What does a ‘Forced’ Vote mean?

  • It is just what it says. The Employer is not willing to continue bargaining with your Bargaining Committee – your Employer wants to limit improvements to your next collective agreement.
  • The Employer asks for the vote counting on the possibility that members will not support their Bargaining Committee and instead will agree to accept less in the bargaining process.
  • The Saskatchewan Employment Act allows for employers to ask the Labour Relations Board to administer and carry out a vote.  This is what your Employer has done. The Employer wants NEEMS members to vote on the Employer’s April 26, 2019 offer.
  • The Labour Relations Board will conduct a mail in ballot process. You will receive a ballot where you will indicate whether you accept or reject the Employer’s offer of April 26, 2019.
  • Note: In 2015, SAHO- negotiating on behalf of all the health regions asked the Labour Relations Board for a ‘Forced Vote’ on an offer they had made to over 3600 of our members. The Negotiating Committee had found the offer to be unacceptable and had refused to take it to the members. A mail in ballot process was conducted and over 80% voted against SAHO’s offer. The Negotiating Committee was then able to negotiate an improved offer for the members- one which they accepted in a vote conducted by HSAS – as it should be.

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