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HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Update #2

To all HSAS Crestvue Ambulance Services Members:
The following dates have been confirmed to commence the bargaining process between HSAS Bargaining Committee and your Employer – October 10, 11, 2019.
As reported previously, additional date options for November, January and February were provided to your Bargaining Committee members in July of 2019, to determine their availability. To date there has not been any confirmation of those proposed future dates. Once the Bargaining Committee member availability for those dates is confirmed, the dates will be offered to your Employer.
The Bargaining survey results are in and the input from the membership was much appreciated. This information is vital in assessing priorities when preparing our proposals to present to your Employer during bargaining.
The Union would like to meet with the members of Crestvue Ambulance Services in order to review the Bargaining Survey results and discuss the bargaining process moving forward. Please see the doodle poll below, suggesting some availabilities in order to meet. The most common date and time will be chosen.

HSAS Members of Crestvue Ambulance Services were provided a link to this Doodle poll via email. If you are a Crestvue Ambulance member and would like access to this poll before September 20, 2019, contact us here.

Chris Wright
HSAS Labour Relations Officer

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