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Bargaining Update #2 – January 29, 2019

In our November Bargaining update it was reported that the parties would be exchanging bargaining proposals on December 18, 2018. The exchange did take place on that date and both teams had the opportunity to ask questions and to provide additional information pertaining to their respective proposals. This allowed both the HSAS and SAHO negotiating teams to come away from the exchange with an understanding of the issues that each party would like to address in this round of bargaining. The parties agreed to meet on January 15-17, 2019 to begin the bargaining process.

The three days of bargaining on January 15-17, 2019 produced informative exchanges between parties. The discussion of a number of articles that were proposed by both HSAS and SAHO allowed each party to further understand some of the issues faced on a day to day basis related to those proposals. This allowed agreement to be reached on the topics of information sharing when trying to resolve issues between the parties and general correspondence related to keeping each party up to date with the appropriate contact information.

Agreement was also reached on the numerous “housekeeping” items within the HSAS/SAHO Collective Agreement. These items needed to be addressed within this round to ensure that going forward, our language reflects the reality of the new SHA model- a single health authority. These items were originally discussed at a side table prior to the December 18th exchange. After further discussion during our January dates, these items have been agreed to and include language found within thirteen articles and three Letters of Understanding.

Overall our HSAS Negotiating team felt that our first three days could be summed up as a positive start. The exchanges between the parties were respectful and geared towards providing information and examples related to the topics being discussed. It is our hope that this continues throughout the process. Our next meeting dates have been set for March 5-7, 2019.

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Dean Job
Negotiating Committee Chair
& HSAS Executive Director

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