Health Educator

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What Is Your Job Title?

Dental Health Educator

What Does a Health Educator Do?

Health Educators determine the health needs of communities, provide health promotion and health education, and deliver various programming.

What Training Is Necessary to Do Your Work

To work as a Dental Health Educator, the requirement would be training as a Dental Therapist or Dental Therapist/Hygienist.

Where Do You Work?

Health Educators work in various settings in the health regions. As an example, Dental Health Educators work in the department of Public Health.

Who Needs Your Services and Why?

Our services are delivered to other health professionals and members of the general public. We determine what the needs of the community are and work with members of the community to address the needs. For example, oral health education is provided to new parents, elementary and high schools, secondary schools (such as SIAST where Oral Health Care modules are provided to the human sciences classes), staff in Long-term Care, and older adults. By providing this education, people are able to make the best choice for themselves and also to provide the best and appropriate care for others.

What Is Your Favourite Part of Your Job?

Whether it’s health promotion or education or program delivery, you can see the results of the efforts you have made through your work. For example, health educators working in the Oral Health Program can see an improvement in children’s oral health through the implementation of fluoride mouthrinse programs and toothbrushing programs.

What Challenges Do You Have in Your Job?

Maintaining a current knowledge base is essential to respond to clients questions and concerns about issues in their community or family. At times, clients may not fully understand or are unaware of their health benefits and need for obtaining services.

What Is the Impact of Understaffing on the Health Care System?

Services already delivered to clients could be enhanced further with more staff – so much more could be done.

What Is the Impact of Understaffing on the Patient?

When there is not sufficient staff to offer our services, this results in delays in response to clients needs.