Exercise/Conditioning Therapist

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What Is Your job Title?

I’m trained as a Kinesiologist, and work as an Exercise Therapist.

What Does an Exercise Therapist Do?

There are 3 main areas in which our professional group works:

  • Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, as a result of Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workers Compensation Board accidents, or injuries sustained during recreational or daily living activities;
  • Chronic disease management, helping people who have been diagnosed with diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Coronary Heart Disease, high cholesterol, etc.
  • Health promotion and physical fitness improvements.

Most of our work is done in an Outpatient Community Therapy department, working along with Occupational and Physical Therapists. We may also assist acute care patients as well. We also work within our communities promoting healthy lifestyles and physical fitness, and help to establish community programs where individuals can go to safely exercise in a group setting.

What Training Is Necessary to Do Your Work?

A Bachelor of Science in Physical Education or Kinesiology is required along with certification from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP).

Where Do You Work?

I work in the Community Therapy Department.

Who Needs Your Services and Why?

We meet the needs of a vast array of clientele. Usually we see individuals who have sustained an injury, been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, are post-surgical, require cardiac rehabilitation. We also see individuals who want to improve physical abilities through more intensive training. Our clients require a safe environment in which to recover, or to improve their personal health profile.

What Is Your Favourite Part of Your Job?

The best part of our job is the interaction with our clientele and helping them regain

What Challenges Do You Have in Your Job?

The biggest challenge that we face is staffing issues, including no coverage while we are away on vacation leave. As a result, our programming stops until we are back.

What Are the Consequences When There Are Not Enough People with Your Training to Provide Service?

When clients aren’t able to access our services, it lengthens the time it takes for them to recover and reach their goals of pre-injury status.