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HSAS Mission & History

Mission Statement

Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan is a Union of professional health care specialists working to improve the economic and general welfare of its members and improving the health care environment for the public.


Major dates in Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan history include:

September 6 – 7, 2012

HSAS holds it second Bargaining Conference with approximately 50 members from across the province.

May 17 – June 25, 2012

“Town Hall” meetings are held across the Province to hear from members issues they are experiencing in their work.

March 5, 2012

The Saskatchewan Government announces it will appeal the decision that the Public Service Essential Services Act is unconstitutional.

February 6, 2012

The Public Service Essential Services Act is ruled unconstitutional by Justice Ball.

November 14, 2011

The lawsuit regarding Bills 5 & 6 is heard in Regina for more than 2 weeks.

October 2011

Certification order comes through to organize 7 mid-wives members throughout the province.

August 2011

HSAS membership ratifies the Tentative Agreement. The new agreement is in place from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2013.

July 2011

A Tentative Agreement is reached with SAHO.

May 9 – July 7, 2011

HSAS conducts the longest healthcare strike in Saskatchewan history. The effectiveness of this strike is tempered by the Saskatchewan Party’s Bill’s 5 & 6 which are the bills that form the framework for the new Essential Services legislation. HSAS was the first union to strike under the new Public Service Essential Services Act. There were 27 days of actual picket lines throughout the province. Approximately 1000 members were pulled-out on strike.

February 2011

Application was made to the Labour Relations Board to organize midwives in the province.

December 2010

North East EMS was organized by the union. An additional 20 new members were added to HSAS. Collective bargaining on a new agreement begins.

November 2010

Interim President acclaimed as new President at the AGM held in Saskatoon.

June 2010

Non-confidence vote reached by Executive Council. The result was the current President was asked to step down and the Vice-President became the interim President.

April 2010

HSAS Saskatoon expanded offices at current location.

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