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Temporary LOU Compensation – Frequently Asked Questions

All answers provided pertain to those members who were added to the Labour Pool lists and who were/are redeployed to Covid-19 related work, after April 17, 2020.


Q. Pre-Covid, I worked out of an SHA building. Shortly after Covid happened in the spring, my co-workers and I began working from home.  I found out I was also put on the Labour Pool list but I wasn’t redeployed anywhere until late fall.  Which work location do I claim my mileage and travel time from?

 A.You would use your home as the work location for the calculation of your mileage and travel time to your redeployment location.


Q. I was redeployed for several months last spring and into summer. Could you clarify which meals I can claim for?

A. You are able to claim incurred meal expenses for the days you worked in your redeployed location and purchased a meal. This means that if you ordered a meal in to your redeployed location or went out for a meal, you are able to claim that expense.  This does not mean that you are able to claim for groceries purchased to make your own meals.

If you still have your receipts from the vendor purchased meal, you may submit those for reimbursement of what was spent.  If you do not have your receipt, you may claim a per diem amount for the meals which you purchased from a vendor.


Q. Which manager do I submit my claims to?

 A. Submit your claim to your home manager, not to your manager at your redeployment location.


Q. Am I also able to claim for the transportation allowance of $50.00 per month and $9.00 per day that I used my car to get to the office I was redeployed to- in addition to the extra mileage?

 A. The settlement provides for reimbursement of the mileage expense for any additional kilometres travelled. It does not provide for claiming the transportation allowance.


Q. For me to be able to claim the redeployment extra kms travelled, do they have to be to outside of my city?

 A. No, the additional kilometres can be claimed whether they were driven in the same community or to a location outside your community.


Q. If I can claim the additional travel time I had with my redeployment as part of my work day, does that mean that the extra time (travel time) would be overtime. The travel time puts me over my usual 8 hours and that extra should be overtime, shouldn’t it?

 A. The settlement provides for payment of additional travel time at regular (not overtime) rates of pay.


Q. I’m wondering if meal expenses can still be claimed for redeployment shifts that were at sites that do not qualify for mileage and travel time difference claims?

 A. Yes. Meal expense claims can be made independent of mileage or travel time claims.


Q. Is there a time limit within which we have to submit our claims?

A. There is no deadline for claim submission within the Memorandum of Settlement. However, it would be preferable that members’ claims be submitted promptly.


Q. I was redeployed a number of months ago, but I’ve retired from my position recently. Can I still submit a claim for the time period that I was redeployed?

 A. Yes, any member or former member that was redeployed and incurred expenses through time, travel, and/or meals is entitled to submit a claim.

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