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Health Region Management Makes Difficult Situation Worse

Swift Current (May 13, 2011) – While about fifty specialized health care professionals in the Cypress Health Region are on strike today, health care managers are taking unhelpful steps that have increased the impact of this job action on patients across the region, Health Sciences Association President Cathy Dickson charged.

“While about fifty of our members are on strike, the remaining Health Sciences members in the health region have been deemed “essential” by the employer, and have been reporting to work as normal, but health region management has complicated that process unnecessarily,” Dickson said.

“Since Health Sciences issued 48 Hours Strike Notice last week, health region management has required all of our members – even those deemed to be essential – to hand in their calendars, name tags, and building and office keys at the end of each work day. The result is that our members have to regain access to their own offices and work areas each and every day, before they can serve patients or travel to appointments in other communities,” Dickson added.

“This management order, which makes no sense, has resulted in cancelled appointments and delayed services across the Cypress Health Region. We sincerely hope that this ill-advised middle management dictum will prove to be an isolated case, because each day it is left in place patients will be losing more services than they otherwise would have even with strike action,” Dickson said.

“This kind of unreasonable action from health care managers is just one more reason why we have called on Premier Brad Wall to send our contract dispute to independent, binding arbitration. If health care employers and the government truly feel their contract proposals are fair and reasonable, what do they have to fear from an independent arbitrator setting the terms of a new contract?” Dickson asked.

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Cathy Dickson
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