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A Vital Part of Your Health Care Team

HSAS professionals provide specialized care and services that save and improve lives every single day in Saskatchewan.

Whether in communities, hospitals or long term care, Health Sciences members fill countless critical roles. Without these essential professionals, our health care suffers.

Learn more about HSAS professions here, or by scrolling through the advertising gallery below. 


HSAS Blue/Green Campaign!

Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan launched a branding campaign across Saskatchewan. From now until mid 2018 we will promote HSAS professions with Captive Audience boards and city buses.

The buses are running in Regina and Saskatoon.

The profession posters found below are posted across the province on the Captive Audience network. This includes static framed posters, along with digital eBoards. 

Look for us in your community, or by scrolling through the advertising gallery below. 


Talk to the Experts

HSAS President, Karen Wasylenko has spoken with Talk to the Experts a number of times over the years. Below you can listen to each interview segment, which provides important information regarding the Union’s concerns about understaffing of HSAS professions across Saskatchewan healthcare.

Listen to the segments in the Radio gallery below.

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