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The Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan is a union of professional health care specialists working to improve the economic and general welfare of its members and the health care environment for the public.

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specialized health
care professionals
across Saskatchewan who
are changing lives every day.

who we are

We have represented health care professionals in Saskatchewan since 1972, when a small group of specialized health care professionals saw the need for a separate union to represent their unique needs.

HSAS members work throughout the Saskatchewan Health Authority, in more than 30 different professions. We work in acute care, long-term care, community health, primary health and emergency services.

Our membership is diverse, but we are all highly trained, highly specialized, and dedicated to our professions. We’re committed to working as part of a team to find positive and practical solutions that benefit all residents of Saskatchewan.

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Both staff and elected representatives on Executive Council work for you. We have
three branches of work: Labour Relations, Communications and Operations.

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Labour Relations

Under the direction of the Executive Director, HSAS Labour Relations Officers resolve day-to-day workplace issues, handle grievances, negotiate Collective Agreements, and when necessary, defend members’ rights in courts, arbitrations and other legal tribunals.

Labour Relations should be your first point of contact when a workplace issue arises – contact HSAS Labour Relations at


The Communications team works with the Union’s President, Executive Council, Labour Relations Officers, and members to advance the labour relations objectives of the Union. Internal and external communications, public relations and support of the market supplement program are core functions of this team.

Communications resources coordinate public advertising, handle media relations, maintain our website at, manage our social media and executive union campaigns.


The Executive Director manages all Labour Relations services that are provided to the Union’s membership. The Office Manager manages the day-to-day administration of the Union.

The Treasurer (an elected representative) is responsible for ensuring an accurate record of all financial transactions of the Union is kept.

A team of Administration Assistants supports the Labour Relations staff, committees of Executive Council and assists in the coordination of union events, such as regional meetings and Annual Convention.

Visit for membership resources, important updates and much more.

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Your elected union representatives

The business of HSAS is directed by a group of elected representatives called the Executive Council.

According to the HSAS Constitution and Bylaws, the Executive Council, when the Annual Convention is not in session, shall manage and supervise the affairs and business of the Union. The HSAS Constitution and Bylaws can be found on our website:

The President is elected by the membership of HSAS. Executive Council representatives are assigned by professional, occupational or composite group.

Each member of the Executive Council is elected by their member peers.

For more details on the responsibilities of the President and Executive Council representatives, please view Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the HSAS Constitution and Bylaws.

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The Current Composition of the Executive Council is as Follows:

Occupational Group(s) Represented Number of Seats
Addictions Counsellors 1
Assessor Coordinators 2
Dietitians, Research Dietitians, Nutritionists, Research Approval Coordinators 1
Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians – Advanced,
Paramedics, Dispatchers, PAD Coordinator Paramedics
Occupational Therapists 1
Pharmacists, Radio Pharmacists – Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Coordinator (Masters Senior) 1
Physical Therapists, Orthotists, Prosthetists, Exercise/Conditioning Therapists, Rehab Program Team Coordinators 2
Public Health Inspectors, Infection Control Practitioners, Health Educators, Dental Therapists,
Dental Health Educators, Population Health Promotion Practitioners & Therapy Educators
Psychologists, Psychometricians 1
Mental Health Therapists, Recreation Therapists 1
Respiratory Therapists, Perfusionists, Anesthesia Assistants, Midwives,
Medical Lab Technicians, Biomedical Technologists
Social Workers, Family Support Workers, Medical Education Coordinators, Vocational Counsellors 2
Speech Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Orthoptists, Music Therapists,
Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultants, Bereavement Coordinators

Occupations not listed in the chart above are assigned an Executive Council representative on a case-by-case basis.
Please note: References to the Constitution & Bylaws are current at the time of printing this document, April 2018.

Your union. Your voice

Without a union, you are simply one voice. As a member of HSAS,
you are part of a larger group, giving you a stronger collective voice.

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What are the Benefits of Being in a Union?

Negotiated contracts establish mechanisms to deal with
day-to-day problems in the workplace.

HSAS shares your goals for:

  • A Safe and Healthy Workplace
  • Fair Wages and Benefits
  • Job Security
  • Opportunities for Advancement and Professional Development
  • A Family-friendly Workplace
  • Dignity and Respect

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Why do i Need a Union?

The benefits you are entitled to when you join an HSAS workplace are the result of decades of negotiation and hard work on behalf of union members just like you.

One difference between a unionized workplace and a non-unionized workplace is a negotiated collective agreement versus the exclusive use of employer policies.

A negotiated collective agreement is a legally binding document between employees and employers, which sets out the terms of your employment, such as working conditions, wages and benefits. Over the years, union members like you have had a say in those terms.

Wages and benefits are negotiated on behalf of every Member in the HSAS bargaining unit, and every Active Member in the bargaining unit has an opportunity to vote on the collective agreement.

Collective agreements are posted in full on the HSAS website: