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COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

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COVID-19 Vaccine

Q: I have heard that there is now a COVID-19 vaccine in Saskatchewan. Will I be able to get it?

A: The Saskatchewan provincial government is working with the federal government and SHA to roll out a COVID-19 vaccine for selected groups of the population, including health care workers. There is currently a pilot project to vaccinate 975 health care workers in the Regina area. Those who work in high-risk COVID environments such as intensive care and emergency departments are eligible to participate in this initial pilot project which begins the week of December 14. Some HSAS members may be eligible. 

At this time there is no widely available vaccine for health care workers in Saskatchewan. (link to Sk govt press release of December 9,2020)


Q: When will there be enough vaccine for everyone?

A: We do not know the answer to this. It depends on a number of factors including production, distribution, transportation, and administration. The SHA has not indicated to HSAS when a vaccine would be widely available.


Q: Can my employer force me to get the Covid vaccine?  Do I have a choice?

A: The leadership of the SHA has been clear that the vaccine will be offered to their employees on a voluntary basis.  However, they have also made it known that they will be strongly encouraging employees to accept the vaccine when it is made available to them.


Q: Can I be disciplined by my employer for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine if it was offered to me?

A: The SHA leadership has said that it will not discipline employees who refuse to be vaccinated for Covid-19.


Q:  Are there any contraindications to getting the vaccine?  Are they people who shouldn’t get it- even if offered to them?

A: That is a good question.  At this point, SHA leadership has not provided any information outlining who shouldn’t or can’t accept the vaccine.


Q: Can I choose which brand of COVID-19 vaccine I receive, once there is more than one brand available?

A: There are several brands of COVID-19 vaccine which the province plans to have available, but the SHA has not indicated which ones would be available to health care workers, nor if they would be able to choose which vaccine they receive.

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