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Movement of Members

We have received many questions from members asking whether the Employer has the ability to move them from their current position/worksite to another site.

Common questions received were:

1)  My manager has told me that because our worksite is closing service, I will be moved to a different location. Can my manager do that?

2)  This week I was told I wouldn’t be doing my job anymore but that I would doing other work (that I have never done before).

What we know:

AS OF APRIL 27, 2020

As the province and the SHA have continued to respond to Covid-19, additional members have been moved from their usual workplaces and usual job duties.  This has typically occurred for two reasons – the first being a slow down or closure of a member’s worksite or because of an identified need for members to fill different roles at different sites.  On April 17, 2020, HSAS, along with all healthcare unions, SHA and SAHO signed a temporary Letter of Understanding (LOU) which outlines the agreed – to guidelines that will govern the use of a Labour Pool and movement of members during the province’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines as well as the protection provided to those members.

A number of the guidelines focus on:

  • How a member would be assigned to a Labour Pool
  • How a member would be redeployed from the Labour Pool to an alternate site – possibly with different job duties
  • Scope of Practice
  • Pay received and Premium entitlement
  • Conditions necessary for non-redeployment
  • Commitment to provide worksite orientation and training
  • Commitment to provide appropriate PPE – orientation and training

Going forward and on a regular basis, the Employer is to provide HSAS with timely information concerning members who have been assigned to the Labour Pool.

If you have not been assigned to a Labour Pool but have been redeployed to a different worksite-possibly with different job duties, please email

AS OF MARCH 22, 2020

There are provisions within the HSAS Collective Agreement which can be used to guide the process of movement of members.  HSAS, along with all other health care unions have repeatedly requested that the SHA -at the provincial level, advise all of their managers to communicate with the unions prior to moving any members.   Unfortunately, this has not been the case.  We are aware that managers have directed members to report to different locations to carry out the work which is typical for their classification. 

HSAS is also aware that some of our members have been directed to work in roles which are not typical for their classification- such as reception and testing. 

Where members have been moved or directed to do a different job and where the union has not been communicated with by the management in the workplaces, we are asking members to contact

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