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HSAS Annual Convention – 2021 – Regina

Convention Speakers

Dr. Bill Howatt

Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity at The Conference Board of Canada

Dr. Bill Howatt is the Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity at The Conference Board of Canada, leading the Board’s applied research programs in workplace wellness, mental health, and workforce productivity.

Dr. Howatt, a behavioural scientist, is known as one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health, addiction, and HR consulting. As a highly-respected columnist for the Globe and Mail, author, clinician, consultant and speaker, he effortlessly engages and inspires both individuals and

Dr. Howatt is a member of the International Research Advisory Council (IRAC) at Pacific Coast University of Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS). He is also Chair of CSA Standard 21008: Management of Substance-Related Impairment in the Workplace.

Prior to joining The Conference Board in 2018, Dr. Howatt worked as Chief of Research and Development, Workforce Productivity at Morneau Shepell where he launched a total health
consulting strategy designed to improve health engagement and productivity in Canadian organizations.

He has published numerous books and articles, such as The Coping Crisis, Pathway to Coping, the Wiley Series on addictions, The Human Services Counseling Toolbox, and The Addiction Counselor’s Desk Reference. He is a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail 9 to 5 and Leadership Lab columns and The Chronicle Herald.

Bill Howatt’s credentials include Ph.D., Ed.D., Post Doctorate Behavioral Science, University of California, Los Angeles, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, RTC, RSW, ICADC.

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Kevin Breel

Mental Health Activist & Comedian

Kevin Breel combines powerful mental health activism with light-hearted comedy to deliver unique and informative presentations to audiences worldwide. His TEDx Talk, “Confessions of a Depressed Comic,” has more than four million views, establishing it as one of the most viewed mental health TED talks ever!

Since the video gained viral status in 2013, Kevin has quickly risen to become one of the most iconic mental health activists in North America. He was named one of the “most influential millennials in the world” by Parade Magazine. Kevin is also a national ambassador for Bell’s annual “Let’s Talk” campaign. His honesty and unusual take on breaking down stigma around mental illness resonates with any audience. A popular campus speaker, Kevin has graced the stages of Harvard, Yale and MIT. He has also given talks to Fortune 500 companies, and even
for the Government of Canada.

In 2015 Kevin published his debut novel, “Boy Meets Depression,” which was met with critical acclaim. Forbes Magazine called it “a small book well worth reading,” and NPR dubbed it “honest and compelling.”

Kevin is the recipient of multiple awards in honour of his social activism. His work has been featured in countless media outlets including NBC, CBS, The Huffington Post, MTV, CNN and more.

He continues to headline theatres and colleges throughout North American with his comedy shows.

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This Year’s Convention Focus:

U n i o n R e g i o n 1 U n i o n R e g i o n 2 U n i o n R e g i o n 3 U n i o n R e g i o n 4 U n i o n R e g i o n 5 U n i o n R e g i o n 7 U n i o n R e g i o n 6 U n i o n R e g i o n 9 U n i o n R e g i o n 1 0 U n i o n R e g i o n 1 1 U n i o n R e g i o n 8 U n i o n R e g i o n 1 2

Union Region

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Seats 1 of 1 OPEN

Seats 1 of 1 OPEN

Seats 3 of 3 OPEN

Seats 2 of 3 OPEN

Current Delegates:

Diana Wooden – Addictions Counsellor

Seats 2 of 2 OPEN

Seats 2 of 2 OPEN

Seats 0 of 15 OPEN

Current Delegates:

Janna Kowalsky – Speech Language Pathologist
Jennifer Bacon – Speech Language Pathologist
Kinley Wolfe – Speech Language Pathologist
Marisa Kermack – Social Worker
Denise St. Pierre – Physical Therapist
Ashley Freeden – Physical Therapist
Melanie Liast – Speech Language Pathologist
Jillian Urquhart – Social Worker
Crystal Springer – Psychologist
Karen Schmid – Respiratory Therapist
Jodi Posehn – Addictions Counsellor
Tara Rousseaux – Pharmacist
Anil Sarkar – Respiratory Therapist
Amanda Fortin – Physical Therapist
Karla Horvey – Physical Therapist

Seats 1 of 2 OPEN

Current Delegates:

Glenda Erickson – Occupational Therapist

Seats 1 of 2 OPEN

Current Delegates:

Anna Millman – Health Educator

Seats 0 of 2 OPEN

Current Delegates:
Jennifer Gillies – Assessor Coordinator
Lindsay Siemen – Physical Therapist

Seats 0 of 11 OPEN

Current Delegates:

Amy Ewart – Mental Health Therapist
Sheila Kerr – Physical Therapist
Kelly Fuchs – Health Educator
Scott Boucher – Dietitian
Stephanie Bobetsis – Assessor Coordinator
Melissa Derow – Psychologist
Lisa Diewold – Assessor Coordinator
Amanda Kryklywicz – Public Health Inspector
Max Bowen – Public Health Inspector
Kayla Monette – Public Health Inspector
Mary Deren – Health Educator

Seats 0 of 2 OPEN

Current Delegates:
Shauna Earl – Social Worker
Jill Zyla – Social Worker

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