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HSAS Constitution & Bylaws



9.01     Formation of Regional Councils

If Members in any Union Region want to form a Regional Council, they shall petition the Executive Council to constitute the Members of that Union Region as a Regional Council.

9.02     Authority of Regional Councils

(a)   The Executive Council may delegate to a Regional Council the authority to act on behalf of Members in the Regional Council on matters of local concern.

(b)   Regional Councils shall carry out their functions according to terms of reference that the Executive Council approves from time to time.

9.03     Duties of Regional Council Officers

(a)   Each Regional Council shall elect officers from among the Members in that Regional Council.

(b)   Regional Council officers shall conduct their affairs in a manner consistent with the objects of the Association as set out in the Constitution.

(c)   The Regional Council officers shall perform their functions in a manner consistent with the terms of reference that the Executive Council adopts from time to time for Regional Council officers.

9.04     Removal from the Regional Council

A Regional Council officer may be removed from office by at least a Simple Majority vote of the members of the Executive Council present and voting at any regular meeting of the Executive Council.

9.05     Stewards

(a)   A Regional Council may petition the Executive Council to receive direction from the Executive Council on the election, training and duties of stewards.

(b)   There will be no election of stewards without the approval of the Executive Council.

(c)   A steward shall represent Members on matters involving their employment.

(d)   In a Union Region that has one or more stewards, a Member may, but is not required to, use the services of a steward in circumstances where the Member requires representation in a matter involving her employment.


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