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HSAS Constitution & Bylaws



4.01     Application of Mail-in Ballot Rules 

The provisions of this article 4 apply to:

(a)   the election of Delegates; and

(b)   situations where the Executive Council determines that it is appropriate to have the Active Members make a decision by means of a mail-in ballot procedure.

4.02     Distribution of Mail-in Ballot Forms

At least fifteen (15) days before the date scheduled for the completion of an election or a vote by mail-in ballot, the mail-in ballot forms shall be distributed, either by regular mail or by courier, to the Active Members who are electing a Delegate or who will be affected by the issue upon which the vote is being held.

4.03     Submission of Mail-in Ballot Forms

Active Members are entitled to submit their mail-in ballot forms, either by regular mail or by courier, to the Secretary on or before the date scheduled for the completion of the election or vote.

4.04     Rules Regarding Mail-in Ballot Procedures

(a)   The Secretary or her designate shall be responsible to tally the results of an election or vote by mail-in ballot.

(b)   The Secretary or her designate is the final arbiter in determining the validity of each mail-in ballot form received.

(c)   Unless otherwise provided in the Bylaws, where a vote is conducted by mail-in ballot, the matter will be considered to be passed upon approval by at least a Simple Majority of mail-in ballot forms received and, in the case of an election, the winner will be the individual receiving the most votes by mail-in ballot.

(d)   Where a mail-in ballot is conducted according to this article 4 and results in a tie, another mail-in ballot will be conducted to resolve the tie.

(e)   The fact that an Active Member does not receive a mail-in ballot form shall not invalidate the election or the vote by mail-in ballot.

(f)   Mail-in ballot forms received shall be destroyed according to the Executive Council’s policy relating to the destruction of mail-in ballot forms.


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