Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan

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HSAS Constitution & Bylaws


The objects of the Association are as follows:

(a)   To seek certification as the certified bargaining agent of all Members of the Association employed in the health sciences and on behalf of such Members to regulate relations between Members of the Association and their Employers, or organizations of Employers.

(b)   To organize groups engaged in health science professions or occupations in the provision of health care in the Province of Saskatchewan into Bargaining Units of the Association.

(c)   To bargain collectively on behalf of its Members with Employers and further, to apply to the Labour Relations Board for certification as the bargaining agent on behalf of Members or a group of Members, pursuant to the provisions of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, as amended or replaced, from time to time.

(d)   To participate in or assist Bargaining Units of the Association in the resolution of disputes arising with Employers or organizations of Employers.

(e)   To promote the social and economic well-being and interests of individuals employed in the health science professions or occupations in Saskatchewan and to establish and maintain the best possible standards of remuneration and working conditions consistent with the continuation of high standards of patient/client care.

(f)   To support the improvement of services provided by the health sciences professions and occupations and to advance the scientific, educational, professional and economic welfare of all Members of the health sciences professions and occupations.

(g)   To create a job action committee when the Executive Council deems it appropriate to do so.



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