Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan

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HSAS Constitution & Bylaws



21.01   Code

Each of the following acts shall constitute conduct unbecoming a Member of the Association:

(a)   crossing a picket line established by the Association;

(b)   obtaining or soliciting membership by misrepresentation;

(c)   knowingly failing to comply with the Constitution or the Bylaws;

(d)   knowingly publishing or circulating false reports or misrepresentations among the Members;

(e)   working in the interests of another union to the detriment of the Association;

(f)   without proper authority using the name of the Association to solicit funds or to advertise;

(g)   misappropriating assets belonging to the Association;

(h)   furnishing to anyone, without proper authority or for any purpose not in the best interest of the Association, a list or a portion of a list of Members of the Association;

(i)   failing, without reasonable excuse, to pay initiation fees, membership dues, or assessments of the Association;

(j)   slandering or libelling, that is, spreading defamatory comments, either verbally or in writing, which would tend to injure the reputation of a Member or an officer of the Association or any of the component parts of the Association;

(k)   failing to follow the lawful order of the Chair of any Association Meeting or its component parts to the point where business of the Association Meeting may not be fairly and reasonably conducted;

(l)   interfering with the performance of the duties of any officer of the Association or its component parts;

(m)   engaging in conduct detrimental or prejudicial to the best interest of the Association;

(n)   wilfully neglecting the duties of an elected Association position;

(o)   failing to follow the lawful directions and ruling of the Executive Council;

(p)   filing frivolous, unnecessary or vindictive charges against a Member of the Association;

(q)   harassing any Member or staff member of the Association; and

(r)   violating the published policies of the Association.


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