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HSAS Constitution & Bylaws



11.01   Establishing Committees

(a)   The Executive Council may establish standing and special committees.

(b)   The Executive Council shall elect or appoint the Chair of each committee.

(c)   The Chair of each committee, within a reasonable period of time after her appointment, shall select the other members of the committee according to the following rules:

(i)   If the terms of reference for the committee set out any guidelines or rules as to the committee’s composition, the Chair shall follow those guidelines or rules.

(ii)   The majority of the members of each committee shall be Active Members.

(iii)   Except as provided in paragraph 11.01(c)(iv), and if possible and reasonable, no more than one Active Member from any one profession or occupation shall sit as a member of a committee.

(iv)   When a member of the Board of Governors sits on a committee, she is deemed to have been appointed to the committee from the Board of Governors, not from any particular profession or occupation of which she is also a member.

(d)   Immediately after appointing the committee members, the Chair of each committee shall file the names of the committee members with the Secretary.

11.02   Standing Committees

A standing committee is a committee that exists from year to year.

11.03   Special Committees

A special committee is a committee formed for a specific purpose and dissolved after the completion of that purpose.

11.04   Committee Terms of Reference

(a)   The Executive Council shall determine the terms of reference for each committee and, in doing so, shall include:

(i)   whether the committee is a standing committee or a special committee;

(ii)   the type of committee (e.g. whether it is a working committee, a discussion committee, or a task force);

(iii)   the committee’s duties and powers;

(iv)   the composition of the committee;

(v)   the assignment of any of the Association’s staff members to assist the committee;

(vi)   any special method of operation (e.g. meetings in person or by telephone); and

(vii)   time(s) and method of reporting.

(b)   Unless the Executive Council provides otherwise in a committee’s terms of reference, every committee is deemed to act solely as an advisor to the Executive Council.

11.05   Members of the Board of Governors on Committees

(a)   In addition to the committee members that the committee Chair appoints, the Executive Council may appoint any member of the Board of Governors to a committee that the Executive Council establishes.

(b)   Except as provided in subsection 11.05(c), a member of the Board of Governors who has been appointed to a committee has the right to vote on all matters that come before that committee.

(c)   Members of the Board of Governors who sit on the Finance Committee or on the Governance Committee have the right to be heard but not to vote at meetings of those committees.

11.06  Removal of a Committee Member from Office

A member of a committee may be removed from a committee by a vote of at least a Simple Majority of those present and voting at a duly-constituted meeting of that committee.


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