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HSAS Membership ACCEPTS Tentative Agreement

August 11, 2020

To: All HSAS Members covered by the HSAS & SAHO Collective Agreement

As you are aware, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between HSAS and SAHO on June 23, 2020.  

Following that signing, each party has shared the information contained within the MOA with their membership.  The parties are also responsible for carrying out their respective ratification processes.

SAHO is currently conducting their ratification process with the Employers (SHA and its Affiliates) that they represented at the bargaining table.  That process will produce a final result of either acceptance or rejection of the MOA between the parties by the end of next week.

Today, HSAS completed the ratification process with its membership. At this time, we would like to thank all members who reached out through the process with their questions and all members who took the opportunity to voice their opinion by returning their ballots.
The ballot count took place in Saskatoon this afternoon and the results are as follows:

Ballots mailed out: 4,009
Ballots returned:  1,419
Voting to Accept:  1,196 
Voting to Reject:  217
Spoiled Ballots: 6
According to HSAS Constitution and Bylaws, ratification vote outcomes are based on the ballots returned.  35% of the membership returned their ballots.  84% of ballots returned voted in favour of accepting the Tentative Agreement.
Once SAHO completes their ratification process next week, the results will be communicated to HSAS and in turn, to our membership.
Karen Wasylenko
HSAS President

Dean Job
HSAS Negotiating Committee Chair 
& Executive Director 

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