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HSAS & North East EMS Current Bargaining Updates


Mar 31

North East EMS – March 31, 2021 Bargaining Update

To: All HSAS Members Employed at Northeast EMS
Bargaining Update

Your Negotiating Committee met with the Employer on March 25.  Progress continues toward reaching a tentative agreement and we are hopeful that we will be able to continue moving forward in a productive manner.   The next scheduled bargaining date is April 13, 2021.  We will provide members with an update following that meeting.

Jesse Payne
HSAS Labour Relations Officer 
Kevin Glass
HSAS Labour Relations Officer

Apr 20


To All HSAS Members Employed at North East EMS:

A tentative agreement was reached between HSAS and North East EMS on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.  This morning, your Executive Council reviewed that tentative agreement and has voted to recommend acceptance of this settlement to the membership of HSAS employed at North East EMS, covered by the HSAS/NEEMS Collective Agreement.

The tentative agreement was reached after numerous bargaining dates since the parties reconvened talks following the breakdown of negotiations in 2019, with those dates spanning from April 16, 2020 to April 13, 2021. 

The length of the new agreement is 9 years, extending from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2026.

The general wage increases for this agreement begin on April 1, 2020 and result in a 7% increase by the end of the contract on March 31, 2024, in addition to the retroactive introduction of the “market supplement” rate of 3.43% for members working PCP/ICP classifications and the “market adjustment” rate of 3.43% for members classified as ACPs.

Further, any increase to wages, shift premiums and stand-by rates provided to PCP/ICP/ACP members covered by the HSAS/SAHO Collective Agreement will be applied retroactively to the same date for NEEMS members. 

In addition to general wage increases, there are a number of language improvements. Some of those include:

  1. The implementation of double overtime (2x regular rate) for all members who work more than 14 consecutive hours or more than 14 hours in a single day
  2. An increase in the SCoP fee top-up from 55% to 100% for all members
  3. An improvement from a ratio of 6/1 to 3/1 for the crediting of standby hours toward seniority and pro-rata hours
  4. The addition of Family Responsibility Leave and Medical Care Leave for full-time and part-time employees
  5. An increase to the boot allowance from $150 to $300 for all members
  6. Agreement on the terms and conditions of HSAS members who work at Cumberland House

An information package containing the Memorandum of Agreement and ballot will be mailed to members in the coming weeks- allowing the necessary time for printing and Canada Post delivery times affected by Covid-19.  We encourage all members to review the information and to cast their ballots. 

Once confirmed, the mail-out date and deadline for return of the ballots will be provided to members in a future communication.

If any members have changed their mailing address, please reply to this email with the updated information.

Jesse Payne
Labour Relations Officer

Kevin Glass
Labour Relations Officer



Apr 24

Bargaining Update – April 24, 2020

 To all HSAS Members employed at Northeast EMS:
On April 16, 2020, your Negotiating Committee and Northeast EMS management reconvened negotiations with the goal of reaching a new Collective Agreement for members employed at the service.
The talks were respectful, and on a without prejudice basis your Negotiating Committee identified reasonable compromises on numerous issues which, if included as part of a fair total package for settlement, could meet the needs of both parties.

Aug 14

Bargaining Update – August 14, 2020

To All HSAS Members Employed at Northeast EMS:
Victory at Arbitration 
We are pleased to report that the Union was successful in its grievance regarding the application of the Market Supplement received by a number of EMS classifications in the provincial HSAS bargaining unit, to members of those classifications employed at Northeast EMS…

Oct 16

Bargaining Update – October 16, 2020

To: All HSAS Members Employed at Northeast EMS
Bargaining Update

As we had reported in our last update, we had provided management with a reasonable, comprehensive proposals package which would benefit members and improve the Employer’s ability to recruit and retain skilled professionals.  We looked forward to continued talks at the bargaining table.
However, talks at the bargaining table are not continuing.  The Employer has filed for conciliation with the Ministry of Labour, citing that the two parties have reached an impasse.  Dates have been set for November 12 and 13 for the parties to meet with a provincially-appointed officer.  The officer does not have the power to impose a collective agreement- only to assist the parties in their discussions.  As we enter into this process, our goal remains the same- to achieve an improved collective agreement for the members at NEEMS.
Arbitration Award

In our last update we reported on the successful grievance arbitration regarding the application of the Market Supplement received by a number of EMS classifications in the provincial HSAS bargaining unit, to members of those classifications employed at Northeast EMS.
Members have been waiting for details regarding implementation and retroactive payments to which they are entitled.
Unfortunately, the Employer has decided to file for judicial review of the arbitration award.  The Employer does not agree with the decision rendered by the arbitrator and in filing for the judicial review, is ‘banking on’ the arbitrator’s decision being overturned. Until the judicial review process is completed and assuming the arbitrator’s decision is upheld, the implementation and retroactive payments will be delayed.  We do not have a time frame for this Employer-initiated challenge to be concluded.

Jesse Payne
HSAS Labour Relations Officer 
Kevin Glass
HSAS Labour Relations Officer



Jul 12

North East EMS – Forced CBA Vote

Your Employer has called for a ‘Forced’ vote.

What does a ‘Forced’ Vote mean?

    • The Saskatchewan Employment Act allows for employers to ask the Labour Relations Board to administer and carry out a vote.  This is what your Employer has done. The Employer wants NEEMS members to vote on the Employer’s April 26, 2019 offer.
Jul 23

Poor Print Quality Vote Documents

HSAS has recently received concerns about the quality/legibility of some of the documents in the voting package sent out by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (LRB) in the Employer’s Forced Vote. It is not known how many members received poor quality documents.

Aug 06

North East EMS – Forced Vote Results

The results of the forced vote ballot count are in. Of the 28 ballots sent to the members of HSAS by the Labour Relations Board (LRB) – 19 ballots were returned. The final outcome of the vote is based on the ballots returned within the time frame specified by the LRB (in the postal system on or before July 25, 2019) and that are cast either in favour of accepting the North East EMS Employer’s last contract proposal or in favour of rejecting the last contract proposal. 4 of the 19 ballots were returned outside the time frame specified by the LRB. The final count was based on 15 returned ballots.

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