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HSAS & North East EMS Current Bargaining Updates


Apr 24

Bargaining Update – April 24, 2020

 To all HSAS Members employed at Northeast EMS:
On April 16, 2020, your Negotiating Committee and Northeast EMS management reconvened negotiations with the goal of reaching a new Collective Agreement for members employed at the service.
The talks were respectful, and on a without prejudice basis your Negotiating Committee identified reasonable compromises on numerous issues which, if included as part of a fair total package for settlement, could meet the needs of both parties.



Jul 12

North East EMS – Forced CBA Vote

Your Employer has called for a ‘Forced’ vote.

What does a ‘Forced’ Vote mean?

    • The Saskatchewan Employment Act allows for employers to ask the Labour Relations Board to administer and carry out a vote.  This is what your Employer has done. The Employer wants NEEMS members to vote on the Employer’s April 26, 2019 offer.
Jul 23

Poor Print Quality Vote Documents

HSAS has recently received concerns about the quality/legibility of some of the documents in the voting package sent out by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (LRB) in the Employer’s Forced Vote. It is not known how many members received poor quality documents.

Aug 06

North East EMS – Forced Vote Results

The results of the forced vote ballot count are in. Of the 28 ballots sent to the members of HSAS by the Labour Relations Board (LRB) – 19 ballots were returned. The final outcome of the vote is based on the ballots returned within the time frame specified by the LRB (in the postal system on or before July 25, 2019) and that are cast either in favour of accepting the North East EMS Employer’s last contract proposal or in favour of rejecting the last contract proposal. 4 of the 19 ballots were returned outside the time frame specified by the LRB. The final count was based on 15 returned ballots.

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