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HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Current Bargaining Updates


Jul 18

HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Update #1

Bargaining eSurvey:
In preparation for negotiating your next Collective Agreement, a Bargaining survey will be emailed to you early next week (week of July 22, 2019).

In the past two rounds of bargaining the HSAS/SAHO Collective Agreement, the Negotiating Committee used a Bargaining eSurvey to gather member input. Survey results helped to determine priorities going forward into each round of bargaining and ensured that all members had the opportunity to provide their own perspectives. For these reasons, your Bargaining Committee will be surveying the Crestvue membership in preparation for bargaining the next HSAS/Crestvue Collective Agreement.

You can assist your Bargaining Committee in their work by completing the survey when you receive it.

Jul 23

HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Survey

The Bargaining Survey found in the link below is your opportunity as a member of HSAS to participate in your contract negotiations. The information gathered through this Survey will be used to assist your Negotiating Committee in the setting of priorities and in the development of creating bargaining proposals relevant to those priorities. You will be asked to represent the specific needs of your occupation, your satisfaction level with some of our current provisions within the Collective Agreement, as well as your general needs and priorities as a member of HSAS.

Sep 05

HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Update #2

To all HSAS Crestvue Ambulance Services Members:
The following dates have been confirmed to commence the bargaining process between HSAS Bargaining Committee and your Employer – October 10, 11, 2019.
As reported previously, additional date options for November, January and February were provided to your Bargaining Committee members in July of 2019, to determine their availability. To date there has not been any confirmation of those proposed future dates. Once the Bargaining Committee member availability for those dates is confirmed, the dates will be offered to your Employer

Oct 09

HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Update #3

To All HSAS Members Employed by Crestvue Ambulance Services:

As previously reported, your Bargaining Committee and the Employer were to meet on October 10 and 11, 2019 to exchange proposals and to begin bargaining.  Unfortunately, these bargaining dates have been cancelled at your Employer’s request. 

Nov 01

HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Update #4

To ALL HSAS Members Employed by Crestvue Ambulance Services:
As previously reported to you by your Union, your Employer had cancelled 2 agreed-to bargaining dates – October 10 and 11, 2019.

Further to that and more recently, your Employer has refused to bargain in good faith and without preconditions. 

The Union has filed an Unfair Labour Practice complaint against your Employer…

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