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HSAS & SAHO: April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2018

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29.01     Reorganization

In the event of:

(a)     technological change;

(b)     merger/amalgamation of Employers within a Regional Health Authority or the merger/amalgamation of Regional Health Authorities;

(c)     transfer of services or programs from one workplace or location to another;

(d)     conversion or elimination of a workplace or program;

(e)     other events of similar importance affecting a significant number of Employees;

The Employer shall notify the union as far in advance as possible of the impending change, and in any event shall give ninety (90) days notice. The parties will meet to discuss the implementation of the change and to minimize the disruption or adverse consequences to the workforce of such change.

29.02     Principles

(a)     During the implementation or transition period all Employees will maintain their wage level;

(b)     The most senior Employees within a Regional Health Authority and classification, subject to qualification and capability, will be retained;

(c)     Considerations will include the operational needs of the Employer and the employment objectives of Employees;

(d)     Employees will continue to have rights under Article 26 – Lay-off and Work Resumption;

(e)     Employees’ accrual of benefits and other entitlements will be protected;

(f)     The Employee will have the right to terminate employment and accept severance as described in Article 26.11 if the change results in:

(i)     demotion or

(ii)    reduction of hours or

(iii)   a requirement to relocate to a workplace more than 50 kilometers from the original job site/workplace or

(iv)    no position in the same classification is available for which the Employee is qualified and suitable given reasonable and appropriate orientation and on the job training.

(g)     The establishment of new job classifications or rates of pay, or the filling of any vacancies occurring as a result of workplace reorganization, will be in accordance with this Agreement.

(h)     Employees subjected to workplace reorganization shall not be subjected to a trial period and shall be provided reasonable orientation to their new work duties.

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