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HSAS & La Ronge EMS: April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2019

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31.01  Northern Allowance

In addition to other pay and allowance provided for by the Collective Agreement, Employee(s) shall receive a monthly one hundred and ninety dollars, and sixty-six cents ($190.66) payable at the end of each month ($88.00 every two weeks)

Northern Allowance shall be pro-rated for other-than-full-time Employees.  In addition to the above allowance Employees shall receive any increase in the Northern Allowance in accordance with the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union (SGEU) and Public Service Commission (PSC) rates that may occur during the term of this Agreement.

31.02  Health-Related Transportation

Health-related transportation shall be provided to Employees, spouses, or their dependents, to and from the closest location where the required medical or health services are available, except where the Employee requires medical treatment, and has a close professional relationship with the physician or practitioner who would provide the service.  Where a close professional relationship does exist, the Employee will be compensated for transportation to the next closest location where services are available.

(a)  The number of Employer paid trips per year for health related reasons is limited to four (4) except where a bona fide emergency exists.

(b)  Transportation shall be paid for any person, other than the person who obtains treatment:

(i)  if it is necessary for the person who obtains treatment to be escorted during the period of travel; or

(ii)  no suitable arrangements for the care of the dependent(s) can be made at the work place location, and they must therefore accompany the person obtaining treatment.

(c)  Medivac Allowance

An Employee assigned to travel Medivac shall be paid sixty dollars ($60.00) per round trip in addition to any other provisions of the Collective Agreement.

The parties agree that two (2) Employees will attend for Medivac unless it is decided that a Doctor or Registered Nurse is required, and the LaRonge EMS Employee agrees to attend on his or her own.

Current Employees will be given the one-time option to opt out of Medivac Services. All future Employees will have, as a condition of their employment, that they will provide Medivac Services

31.03  Clothing Allowance

Employees shall be paid a winter clothing allowance in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) upon hiring and yearly thereafter.  This amount shall be pro-rated for other-than-full-time Employees.

31.04  Retention Strategies

(a)  All Employees shall receive annual retention payments after each year of service. Other-than-full-time Employees will be entitled to the retention payment on a pro-rated basis. The current Retention Benefit is one thousand, nine hundred dollars ($1,900.00).

(b) Termination
An Employee, who terminates prior to completion of a full year of service, shall be eligible for retention payment on a pro-rated basis if she has completed six (6) or more months of continuous service since her last employment anniversary date.  The pro-rated calculation will be in direct relation to her paid hours as compared with full-time annual hours of work.

(c)  Employees will receive increases to the Annual Retention Payments when negotiated into the HSAS Provincial Agreement.

(d)  Employees who complete one (1) year of service shall be entitled to an extra forty (40) hours of vacation (Special Northern Leave) in addition to their regular vacation entitlement. The extra week of vacation will have been earned by the end of March of each year and will be prorated based on the percentage of hours worked.

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