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HSAS & La Ronge EMS: April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2019

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10.01  The parties subscribe to the principles that layoffs are avoided wherever possible; any reduction in the work force be done with the least possible disruption; and, whenever a layoff is necessary, the most senior Employee will be retained.  They agree to meet whenever any reduction is anticipated with a view to furthering these principles and seeking alternatives to layoffs.

10.02  Layoff Defined

Layoff will mean:

(a) A job abolition or elimination.

(b) A reduction in the normal hours of work of a permanent full-time Employee or a reduction in hours of work of an other-than-full-time Employee as stipulated in her Letter of Appointment.

10.03 Discussion of Implementation

In the event the Employer is contemplating layoffs, the Union shall be given notice as far as possible in advance of impending layoffs.  The Employer shall meet with the Union a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days in advance of Employees receiving layoff notices.

10.04  Seniority

When the Employer is effecting a layoff of an Employee(s), the seniority list posted shall be updated and shall be subject to appeal by the Employees for a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the list is posted.  This revised seniority list shall be applied to the Employees in the administration of this layoff article.

The updated seniority list shall include the Employees’ accumulated seniority, up to and including the date the Employer notifies the Union of pending layoffs.  This seniority cut-off date shall apply to each Employee affected by layoffs, displacement and placement.

10.05  Senior Employees Retained

When the Employer considers it necessary to reduce staff, the most senior Employee(s) shall be retained.

10.06  Notification of Layoff

Notice of layoff shall be in accordance with The Labour Standards Act of the Province of Saskatchewan, provided however, the minimum amount of notice shall be twenty-eight (28) calendar days.  If the Employee laid off has not had the opportunity to work the notice period, the Employee shall be paid in lieu of work, and seniority shall continue to accrue for the part of the notice period during which work was not made available.  If regular duties are unavailable during the notice period, the Employer may assign duties other than those normally connected with the classification in question, provided it is bargaining unit work.

10.07  Seniority Pool

Employees initially laid off shall form a pool and be ranked in order of seniority.  In order of seniority, Employees shall identify and exercise their preference for options described in Article 10.08.  As more junior Employees are displaced, they are added to the pool and ranked in order of seniority.

10.08  Discussion of Options

(a)  To be laid off and placed on a work resumption list.

(b)  Where there is a reduction in the Employee’s hours of work, to accept the reduced hours of work.

(c)  To terminate her employment from the Employer and accept severance pay.

(d)  To retire, if eligible.

(e)  The Union Representative shall be given time off and will not suffer any loss in regular pay when assisting Employees through the layoff and bumping procedures. The Union Representative will not be compensated for other than scheduled time.

10.09  Severance Pay

An Employee who is laid off and chooses to terminate employment after being laid off will be entitled to receive severance pay in the amount of one (1)  week’s pay for each year of service or part thereof.  This payment will be pro-rated for other- than-full-time Employees.

10.10  Hourly Salary

When an Employee resumes work after layoff in the same classification as the position held prior to layoff, the Employee shall be paid at the step which was being paid at the time of layoff, and the hours worked prior to layoff will be credited towards the next increment date.

10.11  Sick and Vacation Credits

When an Employee resumes work from layoff, the Employee will retain her accumulated sick leave credits, if any, and service toward calculation of vacation credits existing at time of layoff.

10.12  Time Limit

Laid-off Employee(s) can remain on the recall list for up to three (3) years.  If after three (3) years the laid-off Employee has not been recalled she shall be terminated.

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