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HSAS & Canadian Blood Services: March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022

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7.01     Full-time

The regular hours of work for regular or temporary full-time Employees exclusive of an unpaid meal period, shall be:

(a)     normally, seven and one half (7 1/2) consecutive hours per day. Employees shall be paid for ten (10) days of work for each two weeks’ pay period.

(b)     Alternate/modified hours of work arrangements may be implemented when mutually agreed in writing between the Employer and Association.

(c)      The Employee may have the option of “flex time” and the right to request it subject to management approval. The employee may request to adjust their hours of work (in particular start time and end of the workday) to accommodate their work – personal life balance. In doing so the employee will be mindful of the demands of the workplace, client requirements and program delivery. Any adjustments to the agreed to practice are subject to six (6) weeks’ notice.

7.02     Part-time

(a)     Regular hours of work, exclusive of unpaid meal periods, for a regular or temporary part- time Employee shall be as scheduled by the Employer but shall normally be less than for a regular full- time Employee on a bi-weekly basis.

(b)     A regular or temporary part-time Employee may work additional shifts from time to time. Such shifts shall be at the basic rate of pay for all hours worked up to seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours per day.

(c)     Additional shifts will be distributed on a seniority basis.

7.03      The Employer will not schedule split shifts.

7.04      Meal Periods and Rest Periods

(a)     The employer shall provide:

(i)     two (2) rest periods of fifteen (15) minutes each during each shift of seven and one- half (7 1/2) hours; and

(ii)     one (1) rest period of fifteen (15) minutes during each shift of not less than three and three-quarters (3 3/4) hours (including call backs); and

(b)     The employer shall provide an unpaid meal period of at least thirty (30) minutes and not more than sixty (60) minutes in duration during each shift of at least seven and one half (7.5) hours.

7.05      Working During Meal and Rest Periods

When an Employee is required or is recalled to work during their rest or meal period, equivalent time off shall be provided later in the shift. If the missed time cannot be provided, the Employee shall be paid a premium at the rate of one-and one-half times (1.5x) their basic rate of pay for the missed time.

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