Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan


HSAS & Crestvue Ambulance Bargaining Survey

The Bargaining Survey found in the link below is your opportunity as a member of HSAS to participate in your contract negotiations. The information gathered through this Survey will be used to assist your Negotiating Committee in the setting of priorities and in the development of creating bargaining proposals relevant to those priorities. You will be asked to represent the specific needs of your occupation, your satisfaction level with some of our current provisions within the Collective Agreement, as well as your general needs and priorities as a member of HSAS.
Thank you for support and make sure to encourage all of your HSAS colleagues to provide us with their input by filling out the Survey and getting it back to us within the time frames provided.
As always, any information received through this survey, which may be used in the future for advocating on behalf of your profession and the services you provide, will be de-identified.

HSAS Members of Crestvue Ambulance Services were provided a link to this survey via email. If you are a Crestvue Ambulance member and would like access to this survey before August 9, 2019, contact us here.

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